Authoritarian Essay Assignment Homework Help

Authoritarian Essay Assignment Homework Help

Authoritarian states are governed by authoritarian state regimes that suffer from crises of legitimacy and governance. The evolution of authoritarian regimes is caused by situations where legitimacy of other regimes form democracy and is undermined due to the inability of the government to solve various issues that afflict the society. In some situations, the incapacity of the government of the day can spark crises of confidence in the governing regime hence rendering it vulnerable to insurrections and coups. The incoming government can turn to be authoritarian in its measures to concentrate power and vest it in a string executive that might be capable of providing solutions to the problems that face the people. Authoritarian state is one that is caused by governance crises within a latent democracy Authoritarian Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Authoritarian states have found it hard to legitimate them because democracy has emerged as a pervasive phenomenon that monopolizes legitimacy throughout the world. Authoritarian regimes are considered to be so after a long period of perceived illegitimacy. Authoritarian state is associated with various forms of leadership like dictatorship, patrimonialism autocracy and dictatorship . An authoritarian state appears as such from the perspective of mass-election democracy that looks as liberal from the position of total state program. Authoritarian state has some degree of internal lawlessness Authoritarian Essay Assignment Homework Help.

In this context, the society remains the main agent of development which has transformed to be a strong state that if it could have been in an absolute state, it could have been converted to a democratic parliamentary representation that can be passed into the next stage of state formation of self-organization after coming from old dynastic state authority. This paper discusses the concepts of authoritarian state and the importance of bureaucratic context in decision making. This is carried out by outlining the main features of an authoritarian state and using examples in real life to make the discussion relevant and practical. Bureaucracy is defined in details and its significance in decision making is brought out. There is a tension between the state and the society that emanate from the constant supremacy of the holders of absolute power that can be based on military or the nobility as well as other administrative apparatus. In a totalitarian state, the society is made up of economic and cultural connections that slowly developed into a state Authoritarian Essay Assignment Homework Help.

In authoritarian states, the regulation and the guarding of truth by the government is very important. Authoritarian regimes in these states utilize ignorance and hopelessness as instruments to control the general public. An example in this context is China that has censored the internet in order to conceal critical information from the public. In an authoritarian state, the judicial system subscribes to the ideals and practices of the states security apparatus and it is devoid of standards of due process of the law. It is characterized by handpicked judges that are handpicked and hence their degree of autonomy or independence is compromised.

An authoritarian state has some authority that curtails the individual freedoms particularly those of thought and actions. The political system in an authoritarian is mainly concentrated in one leader or a clique of ruling elites. Austria is a perfect case of authoritarian state because the authority of the government is purely in the hands of authoritarian power that serves as both the constitution and institution. Another classical example is the Austria state which has an authoritarian constitution and where power is legitimized through the maintenance and the developing of an Austria state. Authoritarian rule is eminent in in the legitimization of sovereignty and the rules only work for the institution of the state. The state and the personal authority of the government are placed squarely in the hands of an authoritarian power. This authority has some sense of anonymity and impersonality. In an authoritarian state, for example, the ruler of the person in power considers himself/herself the only source of the law and the constitution and through his legitimacy they present themselves as the institution’s representative. The institutions of an authoritarian state are founded on veils that consist of administrative state Authoritarian Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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