Autism Essay Assignment Homework Help

Autism Essay Assignment Homework Help

Autism is mental disorder disease that affects the development of a child’s ability. The disease is manifested in children in their first three years after birth. The disorder is characterized by impaired communication, social interaction and repetitive or restricted behaviors among the sufferers. As such, the problem affects information processing in a child’s brain leading to problems in organizing and making connections between different things and events. This is one of the disorders in the autism spectrum (ASDs) apart from Asperger syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder-Not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) (Krebs, Mike, and Richard 23). However, despite these, mental diseases such as Autism Spectrum are not as problematic as one may think as they can be treated. Autism us a neural development disorder that affects children below the age of three years. The disease affects the brain of a child hampering information processing. This, therefore results to impairment of social interaction and affects communication. A child is also faced with a problem or repetitive behaviors Autism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The disorder results into speech retardation, impairment of social interactions and display of repetitive behaviors. The disorder sometimes may be complicated and challenging to deal with it on its own. These complications make it complex for treatment programs. Some of the complications of the disorder include sensory problems as a person suffering from this disorder may be sensitive to sensory input which at sometimes are painful ad discomforting .These problems may also fail to respond to react to pain, heat, and cold. Seizures is another common complications and usually begins in young children with the disorder. Others include tuberculosis sclerosis which causes tumor to grow in the organs like brain, mental retardation includigng fragile x syndrome, a common mental retardation problem exhibited in males. Others include aggression, digestion problems and not common eating or sleeping habits among children.There are different types of autism that have been recognized in the autism spectrum (ASDs); autism, Asperger syndrome which is exhibited in young children. The children lack or delay in their language and cognitive development. The third type is the pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) . This is only diagnosed when the other two disorders; autism and Asperger have not been met Autism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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