Aztec Essay Assignment Homework Help

Aztec Essay Assignment Homework Help

The likelihood that any civilization of the world could die is very high in societies today (Tainter 1990:38). However, many people still believe that modern societies possess immunity to such occurrences primarily due to its enhanced scientific and technological capacities as well as the benefits it derives from advanced knowledge of economics and history. These believes are however lacking in solid base due to the tendency to embrace the assertion that collapse of civilizations is possible in the present time as it was in the past Aztec Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Evidence of the collapse of Aztec, Inca and Maya communities in Southern America are clear examples of how societies collapse in the world. These societies collapsed leaving behind traces of highly established cities and rich culture abandoned while the society survivors were condemned back to semi primitive modes of living back in the jungle. However, it has been argued that some of these examples are a representation of change and assimilation of civilizations rather than actual collapse of complex societies. The lowland classic Maya (300-900 AD) is an example of a collapsed society that have behind legacies manifested in traces of temples and cities ruins lying in the jungle. The Aztec (900 AD-1520) and the Incas  are examples of civilizations present in Southern America and form among the greatest civilization of the world at their time (Shneck & Strohi, 1995: 8). The Maya established cities such as Copan, Tikal, and Piedras Negras among others. On the other hand Aztecs were wanderers until they established their capital city Tenochtitlan while the Inca settled at the Andes Mountains Aztec Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The fall of Incas and Aztec demonstrates the effects of crisis situation to civilizations whereby societies lack adaptation mechanism on occurrence of a crisis leading to rapid collapse of civilizations. The fall of the Maya on the other hand demonstrate a gradual process of decline of a civilization which is highly influenced by internal and external factors prevailing at the time of its existence. According to Tainter (1990:38), “Collapse of civilization is a topic of widespread of widespread concern and of highest social significance” The reasons attributed to complex society extinction continues to raise questions among the members of society and the entire world at large Aztec Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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