Baseball Essay Assignment Homework Help

 Baseball Essay Assignment Homework Help

Baseball is a sports activity that is played by two teams each comprising nine players. The game requires three tools namely the bat, the ball, and the mitt hence it is usually referred to as the bat-and-ball activity. The initial game has had various modifications and the current baseball is largely thought to have been founded by Abner Doubleday (1819-1893). However, its true founder is still under debate . The baseball is not very big, approximately the size of the human fist. The bat is the hitting tool while the mitt is the fielding tool. The activity is carried out in a square field that is about ninety feet in length. A point, referred to as a run, is obtained when a player in one team hits a ball that has been thrown by the opponent using the bat, and attempting to touch the four bases situated at the vertices of the field. The opponent has the role of stopping the scoring of this run by directing the hitters elsewhere. The batting and fielding processes are done in turn by each team after the fielding team has scored three outs. The team that will have recorded the highest number of runs will be the winning team  Baseball Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Baseball in the United States

Baseball found its roots in the United States in the middle of the nineteenth century. Before this period, the Americans were bound to the games and sporting activities that were introduced by the colonial government. During this period, the changes that were witnessed in the American sport occurred at a low rate particularly because of the low level of industrialization and urbanization that had been realized in the nation (Delaney & Madigan, 48). Its fame grew in the cities of the United States and in 1857; the clubs within New York City formed the National Association of Baseball Players.

The body saw the game develop in the following years and made several changes both within and outside the sporting field. Baseball was known as “national pastime” because it was the most popular game in the States at that time. It made changes to some rules of the game and several other baseball clubs were formed. It later barred the black Americans from participating in baseball activities. There was the rise of the first professional league organized by the body in 1871, which lasted for about four years. The baseball National League that still survives was stared in 1876. Attempts by the Negroes and the African Americans to participate in the league or to form their own professional leagues all failed during the subsequent period and they only ended up in minor category. However, legal intervention later paved way for the formation of other rival leagues like the American League  Baseball Essay Assignment Homework Help .

Urbanization in the United States had reached a considerable point by the end of the nineteenth century. However, the conditions in the urban cities were not conforming to the standards that were expected and this drew invited a lot of criticism. Many people felt that life in the rural areas was now better. Three were many crime cases in the cities. Vices like immorality and corruption were the order of the day. The farmers back in the rural areas appeared to be more honest people living better life. The urbanization process that had earlier on exhibited a very high rate was now threatened and many felt like seeking refuge back in the rural area. Therefore, there was the need to develop the strategies that would help improve the social life in the cities.

One of the social activities that appeared to be handy in healing the wound was sports. Sporting activities bring participants and funs from different cultures in a given community. It is evident that most of the cities in the United States at this period were cosmopolitan having the Native Americans, the Indians, the African American, the of social misconducts in the cities. It was believed that collectively participating in various sports activities would ‘benefit society by instilling traditional American values upon immigrants – lower and middle class persons  Baseball Essay Assignment Homework Help’.

It was considered that sporting activities could considerably influence the welfare of the members of a given society. As such, most of the governments in the world empowered the sports sector. The development of sporting events in these countries promoted the urbanization as government policies were enacted that promoted the activities in a bid to generate the revenue from hosting the events. More consideration was put on the sports sector and towards the end of the century, several clubs had been instituted that dealt with sporting activities.

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