Beer in USA Essay Assignment Homework Help

Beer in USA Essay Assignment Homework Help

In the year 1940’s the prohibition era was over but alcohol did not have wide acceptance among the potential consumers (Lundström 2005). Even after it was made legal by the federal government, the state government perpetuate prohibition by limiting the hours of drinking and distribution systems of beers to make the Americans accept beer as good drink. The political environment includes taxation procedures that are in the country. Currently, the tax is 40% of the retail prices, which is a higher rate of taxation compared with taxation in other countries such as Germany (Lundström 2005). The imported beer sales volume is at par with the locally produced beer in United States . Regulation of the beer industry has also affected its profit margins due to regulation on advertising, as it is perceived to be deceptive to public on the advantages of drinking beer. Americans have a high sense of style and self-importance and everything that helps them to perpetuate this image has a wide acceptance (Strokes 2010). This explains how Heinemann has managed to sell its classic drinks in the United States successfully. In a survey conducted by the institute of beer manufacturers, it showed that sixty percent of those who drink beer are between eighteen and forty five years of age (Appendix 4). It also indicated that beer drinking exists in all social economic classes although it was low among people with $50,000 per capital income Beer in USA Essay Assignment Homework Help.

To understand the culture better, the existing literature especially fictional works indicate instances where the characters were in a binge and the types of beer that they drunk . The social cultural environment in the United States of America shows prevalence of drinking beer in the country. It also provides information on how beer marketers can capitalise on this market. Technology has affected the beer industry in the United States in a number of ways. The first way involves the methods of beer production. With increased technology especially the development of enterprise resources planning systems beer industries have increased (Appendix 9). The companies have reduced their costs of operations and managed to reduce the selling price. The use of Enterprise Resource Planning has enabled the companies to reduce administrative costs such as payroll processing to pay the workers, supplier management and inventory management . Technology is also useful in fermenting, processing and eventual production of beer and this has significantly reduced costs of production. Technology has also been useful in marketing the beer products all over the globe through the traditional media such as the television as well as the social networks. The ability to integrate technology in marketing and production activities gives the companies advantage over their competitors Beer in USA Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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