Benjamin Franklin Essay Assignment Homework Help

Benjamin Franklin Essay Assignment Homework Help

Benjamin Franklin is among the founding fathers of the United States of America. Although not originating from a politically influential family, he solely worked hard to become the cream of the elite class. As the pioneer of electricity, he experimented and wrote on different subjects in the field, which the American society still recognizes. Through hard work, profound innovations, and proposals, he won governmental positions, which drew him close to the political class and other leaders building a concrete American economy. Franklin’s skills and tactics in carrying out diplomatic relations represented a unique American personality. As a fearless, visionary leader, he symbolizes liberty, enlightenment, economy, and unity, which represents the American character Benjamin Franklin Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Descriptively, Benjamin Franklin was a father figure, leader, politician, writer, scientist, inventor, and philanthropist among other qualities that a one person hardly posses. Besides heading a smooth family, he struggled to contribute to the attainment of independence of the US. Franklin stove and electricity harnessing are some of the innovations under his name. His character as a bold person and a diplomat qualified him for an achiever of the society.Through his tremendous contribution to the American politics and economy, Benjamin developed a solid relationship with the United States of America. Franklin’s father migrated to America in 1635 where he married his second wife after the death of the first one Benjamin Franklin Essay Assignment Homework Help. Therefore, becoming an American citizen by birth, Franklin established solid roots in America.

At the tender age of twelve, he learned printing skills, which motivated him to develop writing skills eventually becoming a publisher and a leader. Franklin’s skills in diplomacy not only led to independence of the US, but also to the unification of the different states of America. His government duty as a diplomatic official and an ambassador led to the establishment of the American constitution and American flag and currency, which was unique among all the nation’s. Franklin is a symbol of American economy, currency, constitution, and politics Benjamin Franklin Essay Assignment Homework Help. Due to his accomplishments in the education sector, America has produced the best scientists and inventors all over the world. As a diplomat, he called for peace among nations like Britain, the US, and France. Moreover, he united the thirteen states of America to create a solitary nation. Consequently, during Franklin’s time, the US was at peace, which led to the establishment of communication, transport facilities, and other industries.

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Benjamin Franklin Essay Assignment Homework Help