Bicycle Essay Assignment Homework Help

Bicycle Essay Assignment Homework Help

The primary purpose of a folding bicycle is to be a compact and convenient mode of transportation in a large city, primarily to work or place of education. The foldable bikes are intended to be used in conjunction with public transit and take relatively little space when folded (“Folding Bicycles Market By Material,” 2018). They are also convenient for smaller urban apartments, elevators, and office spaces Bicycle Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The primary target demographic of foldable bicycles are students, university-educated employees, or young entrepreneurs in developed countries . Less affluent countries, however, are not showing as much interest in specialized bicycles, as citizens there are expected to switch to cars rather than better bikes. With this in mind, the essential characteristics of foldable bicycles would be size, weight, ride quality, convenience features, and price.

Strida is a line of foldable bicycles produces by Taiwanese Ming Cycles. It weighs 10 kilograms and folds into a convenient rollable walking stick. Instead of a conventional chain, it has a belt that operates without grease, ensuring the cleanliness of the user’s clothes. It costs approximately $585, and the only obvious downside is that the ride quality is poor, according to Amazon reviews. It is a solid choice that prioritizes convenience Bicycle Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The cheapest Pashley Moulton TSR costs more than $2000. This model is marketed as a hand-crafted, highly customizable, and well-engineered luxury machine. While it is possible to fold it, the mechanism separates the bicycle in two parts. It is more suited for a car, rather than public transportation, and is thus a less viable choice for the stated purposes.

Tern Vektron D8 is an expensive machine at $2200, and it weighs more than 20 kilograms. However, it has a high-tech electric motor that offers excellent ride quality and speed, as well as high-quality brakes, gears, and lights. The most significant upside of this bicycle is that it can help navigate uneven terrain with less effort. It is a high-tech bicycle that has a bigger range than others and can act as a standalone mode of transportation.

B’Twin Tilt 120 is a budget folder at only $250 in the global retailer Decathlon. It has decent ride quality and enough sturdiness to navigate off-road terrain. Its biggest downside is its 15-kilogram weight. It is a great entry-level foldable bicycle that is affordable for students, and it can be purchased in many countries, as Decathlon is an international chain, and the B’Twin is its in-house product Bicycle Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Hummingbird is a costly purchase starting at a staggering $4500. It is the lightest foldable bicycle at only 6.5 kilograms. It is made from carbon fiber and can be equipped with a belt drive. It looks futuristic, and the build quality is high, but the ride quality suffers from uncomfortable lightweight seats. It is a high-end experimental machine for enthusiasts, designed by a single person Bicycle Essay Assignment Homework Help.

For a student, there is no better alternative than B’Twin Tilt 120. Its downsides are an acceptable tradeoff for an affordable price. The main expected upside of such a bicycle would be increased efficiency of commute, and it is the primary decision-making factor (“Folding Bicycles Market By Material,” 2018). The best course of action for selecting a folder would be to get the entry-level budget model, and see how a compact bicycle integrates with one’s commute, and then choose a better bike according to the first-hand experience Bicycle Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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