Bill Clinton Essay Assignment Homework Help

Bill Clinton Essay Assignment Homework Help

Bill Clinton is one of the most famous politicians in the History of the United States of America. He served as the governor of Arkansas and later on became the president of the United States of America serving between 1993 and 2001.It is during his reign as the president that USA exhibited the concept of effective leadership. This was achieved through the leadership of President Bill Clinton. This essay shall therefore focus on Bill Clintons leadership qualities, styles and the success that he achieved as president. To achieve this, the essay shall focus on the qualities that Clinton had and the impacts of his administration during the two terms that he served as president. For an individual to be an effective leader, he/she needs to possess several qualities. Such an individual needs to be visionary, understanding, rational, conscious of the culture, team player, ambitious, reliable, possess communication and social skills, humble, able to influence masses and be knowledgeable Bill Clinton Essay Assignment Homework Help

Bill Clinton possessed most of these qualities. This may have contributed greatly into developing him into a successful and effective leader. In the process of his leadership, Bill Clinton experienced ups and downs. An example is his demise was his scandal with Monica Lewinsky. It should be noted that during the time when Clinton was facing this scandal, he remained confident and charismatic. He was not destructed and performed his duty as the president of the United States to the best. This showed that he had empathy; a factor that enabled him to maintain a positive public figure. Giving the United States priority at this time proved that Clinton was an effective leader. USA, like many other nations all around the world has always been striving for social, political and economic sustainability. Despite the fact that the nation has always been regarded as one of the best in terms of socio-political and economic sustainability, it is during the reign of Bill Clinton that USA experienced much of its economic growth. Through his leadership practices and policies, USA experienced a tremendous growth in its economy from 1993-2001.

Bill Clinton Essay Assignment Homework Help


An effective leader is one who keeps the promises that he has made to his people. During his presidential campaign, Bill Clinton made several promises to the people. He vowed that he would improve the economy of the United States. Clinton became the president of USA just after the end of the Cold War, a period that USA spent a lot of money in the race for arms supremacy. As a result, the nations economy was in a deficit. Thus, as a result of this economic recession, USA required strong economic strategies that would lead to economic recovery. To achieve this, Clinton came up with a combination of economic, fiscal and economic policies with an aim of modernizing the government of the United States. This made the government to be entrepreneur oriented. As a result, much of the powers that were concentrated on the central government were distributed to federal and local governments. This resulted to an increase in the government efficiency and a reduction of the size of the central government hence incurring lower costs as compared to the expenditure of previous regimes.

Bill Clinton Essay Assignment Homework Help

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