Bill Gates Essay Assignment Homework Help

Bill Gates Essay Assignment Homework Help

The Great Man Theory roots back to the early 19th century as populist leaders and the press of the time observed that leaders and their followers were profoundly differentiated through styles of leadership, personality, and mannerism (Snyder, 2013). Born in 1955, William Howard Gates grew much interest in computer technology at a tender age while attending his elementary school. From a humble beginning, Bill Gates had mastered unique qualities that characterize a competent leader. While positive traits such as friendliness, initiative, intelligence and fastidiousness are typical of Bill Gates leadership acumen, being in possession of these qualities alone does not necessarily add up to a successful leader. Given these leadership overtones, it could be exceedingly easy to contextualize Bill Gates amongst the numerous leadership paradigms and styles that researchers and academicians put forward over the years Bill Gates Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Researchers have argued that studying Bill Gates leadership acumen can never be complete without tracing his roots as a child with impressive family background since the modest upbringing was at the centerpiece of his making. Gates’ father, William Gates Sr. has been documented to have been a thorough and rapid thinker, while Mary Gates is reported to have been intelligent and determined. Scholars and researchers have argued that these parentage aspects have contributed greatly to Bill Gates leadership making Bill Gates Essay Assignment Homework Help.

In his childhood and youth, Gates was encouraged and guided by his parent to think freely, act optimally, and speak openly. For Bill Gates, the floodgates of innovation have been usually open. In reciprocation, Gates would find an opportunity to appreciate the abundance of which life offers. He chose to consider self-discovery to transform the people around him and the world by extension. His youth was a modicum of personal pilgrimage to the top as a global business leader who has endeavored to beckon world attention around his effective organizational leadership acumen and team skills.

Effective leadership instruction has been a success factor of Bill Gates tenure at the Microsoft Company. Bill Gates’ leadership played off purposefully in scheduling commitment at the top of his priority. One sure way Bill Gates used to achieve these endeavors was his dallying with the present-day managerial skills that have become widespread all over the world. These entail performance management on one hand, and balanced scorecard method on the other Bill Gates Essay Assignment Homework Help.

To achieve the best out of the two, Bill Gates explored a dichotomy of both to align his characteristic leadership with the company core values. Bill Gates is a modicum of a leader who plied these routes and delivered his team to success. Establishing and building upon these leadership traits at a tender age, Bill Gates ended up transforming the Microsoft world in a way no one could ever had imagined Bill Gates Essay Assignment Homework Help. In the end, Microsoft has emerged as the world leading torch illuminating software technology and internet provider solutions.

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