Biodiversity Essay Assignment Homework Help

Biodiversity Essay Assignment Homework Help

The study of biodiversity stems from the subjects of ecology and evolution, from where it derives its two main objectives. The first objective is to understand how the natural systems operate and are ordered (Bernhardt 2). The second objective is to understand how the systems were derived. The study of biodiversity entails various important practical applications primarily focused on conservation. The knowledge of biodiversity enables us to determine the species that are threaten by extinction under given circumstances and the best way forward to avoid their extinction. At the same time, the knowledge and a more informed understanding of the whole concept of biodiversity gives us the power to intervene in the event that we are faced by the loss of biodiversity, and to restore the lost diversity Biodiversity Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Wilson (2) purports that a majority of the species that ever roamed the surface of the earth have been faced with extinction at an average rate 1-2 species over the past 200 million years. In addition, incidences of mass extinction have occurred in which many taxa (a wide range of life forms) have disappeared within the same geological era Biodiversity Essay Assignment Homework Help.

According to the July 8th 2010 edition of the UN news center, Edward Norton assumed his role as United Nation Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity. The new goodwill ambassador is credited for his active involvement in mobilizing support for conservation endeavors in his position as a board affiliate of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust and in partaking in the official launching of the Crowdrise networking policy to improve engagement in charitable activity.

In his new position as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Diversity, Edward Norton is charged with the responsibility of collaborating with the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in a bid to highlight on the disaster of biodiversity and mobilize world leaders to take appropriate measures to preserve the ecosystem. According to the executive secretary of the CBD, Ahmed Djoghhlaf, in the same New York City press conference, the rate of disappearance of certain species surpasses the natural rate a 1000 times Biodiversity Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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