Bipolar Disorder Essay Assignment Homework Help

Bipolar Disorder Essay Assignment Homework Help

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depression during its discovery, affects millions of lives today. Living with this disease can be life changing, leaving the victim feeling isolated with no knowledge on how to cope or why one has such raging emotions and fear that can lead to an outburst of depression, sadness and some cases of harmful rage. his comes from within and out of the blue. This disorder affects every race, all ages from the very young to the old. Male and females are affected, but not equally (Smith and Segal, 2011, p. 1). Understanding bipolar and how it affects your mind and physical health is very helpful in coping with it. This helps one understand more about the symptoms associated with the disorder and alongside various medical treatments, therapy and support from loved ones, this disorder is very manageable. As mentioned above, bipolar disorder leads to unusual changes in emotional status of affected individuals. There are common symptoms of the disorder that can help family members identify the illness. Long periods of extreme happiness or a high is a common sign of the disorder Bipolar Disorder Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Patients of this disorder often get agitated very fast and for no good reasons alongside having a jumpy feeling. Restlessness and lack of sleeps is also a common sign. Other patients have impulsive behaviors and unrealistic beliefs on their capacities. As the disorder progresses, the affected individuals lose interest in certain activities such as sex. Some have trouble making decisions and concentrating on something, be it in school or at work (Read, 2010, p. 1). In extreme cases, patients may start talking about death and thinking of committing suicide. There are several types of Bipolar Disorder. The most common types are bipolar I and bipolar II. Bipolar I is classified as the most severe in all forms of depression. Bipolar II is the more common type and is similar to Bipolar I, but it is less severe. Diagnosing Bipolar in children is more difficult than it is in adults. I will use a little boy named Timmy as an example Bipolar Disorder Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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