Birth Control Essay Assignment Homework Help

Birth Control Essay Assignment Homework Help

Birth control or control of population growth has been a raging debate for centuries because it is a sexual issue that religion, traditions, politics, and the entire society has silenced and laden it with lots of taboos.During the ancient times, sex and sexuality had been under immense silence as no one was supposed to talk about it in public places. According to Foucault, sex has been a secret affair because there has been so many forces that reduced it to silence, but has recently loosened up and allowed people to question the intricacies of sex (78)Birth Control Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Realizing that sex has been secret and silenced for centuries, modern society is struggling to unravel the mystery behind sex through various discourses. In the late 18th century and early 19th century, population growth rate of the world was growing exponentially. For instance, in the United States, women had an average of seven children, and thus, necessitated control of population.

Although governments saw the need to control population growth, various religions and cultures were against it, for they perceived reproduction as a natural process that needs no interference. Religions, cultures, and politics have been grappling with the issue of population growth because while some perceive it a societal issue, others perceive it as a reproductive issue of women Birth Control Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Discourses in culture, religion, politics, education, health, feminism, sexuality, gender, race, and class show that birth control is an issue that touches on women’s health, and therefore, women have the right to control population growth.

During ancient times, culture and traditions imposed many taboos on sex and sexuality in that societal values determined matters related to reproduction. Since men dominated society, they had powers to determine the number of children that their wives should have in marriage. Men had powers to decided ethics regarding sex as they imposed taboos to restrict how women perceive their sexuality and reproduction.

Foucault asserts that sex exists in a binary system of right and wrong, legal and illegal, permitted and forbidden, which shows that it is subject to law and power (83). The law and power associated with sex gave men powers to have control over women and decide their sexuality, gender and reproduction Birth Control Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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