BMW Essay Assignment Homework Help

BMW Essay Assignment Homework Help

BMW technology was constantly changing and the firm’s technicians needed to be kept abreast with the latest technological changes, which would benefit them at work. However, there was another matter of concern, which needed to be addressed (Anderson 78). There were disparities between customer pay and warranty pay, which influenced the amount of hourly wages technicians earned in the firm. Deshane proposed that technicians whose CSI rating surpassed 91%, needed to be given a 2%-3% monthly bonus payment on top of their hourly wages. He argued that this showed the quality of their performance was high. This approach would help the firm assess the contribution of each individual technician in the firm. Deshane had noted that this approach was different from the labor practices of other dealerships in the area. He believed that this would make technicians more committed to the firm BMW Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Dunn’s terms of employment stated that he needed to help the service department surpass the average national CSI score of 91%, to earn a bonus on his earnings. Dunn had managed to create positive relationships with technicians and other stakeholders in the firm. This made it easy for them to collaborate with him on different aspects of service delivery that needed improvements. Dunn’s employment background made him suitable for this role because he was effective in managing customer relationships BMW Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Dunn was in support of the new system which Deshane had proposed in the firm. He understood that the firm had to increase its service revenues and this was only possible if it improved its internal systems. However, some employees felt that the bonus plan proposed by Deshane was not adequate and they needed an improvement in the payment terms which had been outlined by the plan.

Tom Dunn was appointed the new service manager for Sharpe BMW, a BMW dealership based in Michigan. He faced numerous challenges in his new post because the dealership’s customers were losing confidence in the firm’s ability to satisfy their expectations.

These problems were impacting negatively on the firm’s operations. The firm’s Customer Satisfaction Index scores were below the national average. The firm needed to carry out several changes in its internal operations to regain the competitive edge it used to have in the market.

Dunn together with the service director, Bob Deshane formulated a proposal, which would enable the firm carry out several improvements in its internal technical functions. This approach was needed to make the firm’s Customer Satisfaction Index improve BMW Essay Assignment Homework Help. The bonus payment plan proposed, intended to make the firm’s technicians more motivated in their duties to enable them achieve quality outcomes in their performance.

Some technicians felt that the plan was noble but the bonus payments offered were very little to make any impact. Other technicians thought the new plan was good because it encouraged them to improve their own performance at the workplace. Dunn had a difficult task of coming up with strategies that would help Sharpe BMW increase its revenues in the market BMW Essay Assignment Homework Help.

He also needed to improve the firm’s customer service ratings by changing customers’ perceptions regarding the quality of service offered by the firm (Subramanian 498). Therefore, this compelled Dunn to come up with customer service strategies to change the way technicians performed their duties at the workplace. The firm’s service department was very important to its long term operations because it determined the level of competitiveness the firm was going to have in the market.

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