Breast Cancer Essay Assignment Homework Help

Breast Cancer Essay Assignment Homework Help

Breast cancer affects mostly women, which results from the breast tissue found in the inner coating of the milk ducts or the lobules, which are charged with the task of supplying milk. A number of breast cancer varieties exist, including ductile carcinomas, which originate from the ducts and the lobular carcinomas, which originate from the lobules.

Studies show that breast cancer is only common in human beings and a few other mammals. It should be noted that breast cancer occur in men as well meaning that it is not a disease that strictly affects women. Breast cancer is curable if it is detected at an early stage, even though the screening process has always been the matter of controversy in the world of science. Screening has some advantages, as well as numerous side effects. This paper aims at evaluating the costs of screening (Sariego, 2010).

The treatment offered to patients suffering from cancer is influenced by the characteristic of the cancer type. Some of the curative measures available include surgery, the use of medicine, exposure to radiation and immunotherapy. This article looks at the symptoms and the causes or the factors that predisposes people to breast cancer briefly before proceeding to evaluate the effectiveness of the diagnosis techniques Breast Cancer Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Breast cancer is one of the killer diseases in the modern society all over the world. One of the major symptoms is the development of a lump, which is usually very different from other breast tissues. Studies show that all patients suffering from breast cancer felt the lump before they were diagnosed of the diseases.

The mammogram is the first indication of breast cancer, even though other indications such as the presence of the lymph nodes in the armpits are also the early indications of breast cancer. Other symptoms of breast cancer include the thickening of breast tissues whereby it might lead to one breast becoming larger. Moreover, a nipple may change its position to an extent of becoming inverted Breast Cancer Essay Assignment Homework Help.

In some patients, rushes in the nipple indicate the symptoms of the disease and in some instances there might be a discharge from the nipple (Lacroix, 2006). Even though pain around the breast or the armpit is not a reliable symptom, it is also an indication that might warrant diagnosis. It might be difficult to diagnose certain types of breast cancer such as inflammatory breast cancer. The symptoms of this type of cancer might resemble those of a simple inflammation such as itching and the swelling of the breast.

The earlier an individual starts smoking, the higher the chances of contracting the disease. In fact, the case is serious to those individuals who use tobacco for long and lack physical exercise. In 1980, s study established that induced abortion is one of the risk factors of breast cancer because those who procure an abortion were diagnosed with breast cancer. However, recent studies have confirmed that breast cancer is not associated with miscarriages or induced abortions.

A direct relationship between breast cancer and the diet of an individual exist, especially when it comes to fat intake because people who consume too much fat are likely to suffer from cancer in the future. Some of the foods and drinks are not also healthy, such as alcohol because they increase the risk of contracting breast cancer.

Studies have proved that a number of chemicals could actually cause breast cancer in women, especially breast feeding women. Some these chemicals include those used as pesticides and polychlorinated chemicals. Some people contract breast cancer owing to their genetic susceptibility to some environmental factors.

However, studies show that genetics as a risk factor causes less than ten percent breast cancers in all patients. This study shows that the chances of inheriting cancer from the parent are very low, even though there is some possibility (Buchholz, 2009). Those with certain genes, particularly BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations are in higher risk of contracting breast cancer.

As far as genetics is concerned, the above genes cause up to 90% of all genetically related cancer. There was a breakthrough in 2012 as regards to the risks that genetics pose because one of the studies proved that four types of genetically related breast cancers exist. Some medical conditions predispose people to breast cancer. Some of these conditions include atypical hyperplasia, and lobular carcinoma in situ Breast Cancer Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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