British Airways Essay Assignment Homework Help

British Airways Essay Assignment Homework Help

The British Airways has experienced several challenges over the past. After incurring significant losses, it had ruined its reputation and it was considered not reliable . In an attempt to salvage the organization, the management adopted a survival plan that was supposed to enable cost cutting. However, it failed to use collective bargaining. Several issues have also been highlighted in its management procedures. The use of threats by the management in order to forcefully cut down the employees’ salaries led to strikes since the employees were not motivated. The dismissal of a significant number of employees also played a role in reducing job security and tainting its reputation British Airways Essay Assignment Homework Help.

This paper will evaluate the British Airways as an airline in the U.K. aviation industry and propose certain aspects that could be emulated by the company based on the success of other airlines. The paper will also address the importance of culture for the success of an airline. British Airways had incurred great losses earlier and this had cost its reputation. This was in the early 1980s. Its reputation for reliability became poor and it could not be trusted to deliver as it did before. In addition, its costs were much more when compared to the other airlines. Privatisation became the option for the organization and in order to prepare for this, they decided to recruit new managers. The Thatcher government had believed that this would help bring back the company to its feet British Airways Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The British Airways then decided to focus its efforts on adding value as its business strategy. This was to be in terms of putting customer service as a priority. This was greatly to depend on the development of the activities of its human resource management.

This also meant that the company embraced the policy of working in teams and it adopted a pay scheme that was related to profits. The organization became renowned for this. Another strategy adopted by the British Airways was what was referred to as the ‘survival plan’. This was to involve the significant cutting down of its costs. The company had attempted to embark on a useful venture, which was to improve the relations with the trade unions, but it failed on one area. This was when they failed to use collective bargain as a tool for change. They had thought that the use of open and regular communication alone would be enough but they were wrong British Airways Essay Assignment Homework Help.

At around 1985, there were some improvements that had been experienced in the company. Its financial position improved and was consistent with the current market. The company had become almost monopolistic in regards to the domestic flights. It also took a duopoly position when it came to the flights abroad.

There was also a significant improvement in the employment during that period. An addition 15000 employees were recruited. However, this nice picture portrayed a wrong picture about the British Airways. This is because the company still struggled with industrial disputes. Industrial action still characterized the industrial relations of the company. It had been determined that there was at least one industrial dispute yearly.The fall of the company started to show in the early 1990s. This was when the company’s environment changed drastically. Firstly, deregulation initiated a competitive atmosphere with other airlines within the European nations. Additionally, there was the effect of the Gulf war and the recession British Airways Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Both of these phenomenons had a negative effect on the general market. The company decided to cut its costs even more. This was because getting subsidies from the government was not an option any more. This was when the equilibrium between adding value, providing high quality service and cost cutting was lost.

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