Building Essay Assignment Homework Help

Building Essay Assignment Homework Help

Based on customer requirements a project scope has been prepared and presented to the customer for approval. A work breakdown structure (WBS) has been developed, resource requirements have been identified, costs have been estimated, and risks have been identified. At this stage of the project there are several uncertainties and so the risks tend to be higher. So far in the project lifecycle 20 risks have been identified and scored, several of which are medium risks. As detailed later in the document qualitative risk analysis has been used for this project which identifies risks based on their probability of occurrence and severity of impact on the project Building Essay Assignment Homework Help.

This document addresses five critical risks and details how these risks will be effectively managed. Critical risks are those risks that have the potential to bring the project to a halt or cause the project to be terminated due to associated costs.This document, called the risk management plan is intended to be used on an ongoing basis for managing risks throughout the lifecycle of the project. The main objective of this document is to carefully identify all major impact causing risks and will be updated on a regular basis as the project progresses and more information is available Building Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The project is to build a detached house with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and an unfinished basement approximately 1800 square feet on a 4356 sq feet plot. The customer has already purchased the plot in a residential area and has secured it with a temporary fence around the perimeter. Based on customer requirements identified earlier, three tentative house plans have been developed and submitted to the customer. For the time being, landscaping is not part of the scope of work. A work breakdown structure (WBS) has been developed and major activities and sub activities have been identified. As the project progresses and more information is available, the WBS will be further refined. WBS is the fundamental building block of the project and will be used for all future planning purposes Building Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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