Bullying Essay Assignment Homework Help

Bullying Essay Assignment Homework Help

Bullying can be defined as aggressive behavior that takes into account unwanted and negative actions toward another person or group of people. It is a situation whereby people repeatedly and intentionally use actions or words against others with an aim of causing distress and risks to them. Bullying is mostly evident when there is an imbalance of power among individuals. For instance, powerful or influential people are said to practice or bully other learners . In addition to this, those in power tend to bully others with an aim of making them feel less powerful. Bullying is totally different from conflict though it has been evident that some people bully others because of conflict. The purpose of this study is to explore bullying as it applies in the learning institutions such as schools . There are three different types of bullying namely face-to-face bullying, covert bullying and cyber bullying. Despite their differences, the results are the same that is distress and pain to the people being bullied. Face-to-face bullying is an interesting area of study because it clearly demonstrates bullying in school Bullying Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Students tend to think that bullying is harmless by considering it as a part of life or growth for juniors to experience. In contrary, bullying is harmful because it can result to physical harm, loneliness, insecurity and unhappiness to students being bullied. Face-to-face bullying involves actions such as kicking or punching, insulting and name-calling . Students consider bullying as a school culture even though it is contrary to the school rules and regulations of schools. From historical point of view, bullying is often associated with senior students who perceive themselves as being more powerful than juniors. In regard to this, new comers or first year students are the victim of bullying (McGrath, 2006, p. 23). It has been noted that bullying gains its historical roots from the discipline of the school. This is to mean that the origin of bullying could be traced back to the history of the school based on the aspect of discipline. In schools whereby discipline is lacking, there are high levels of bullying among students because there are no active rules that can hinder them from bullying each other. However, it was further noted that students bully each other because they have been bullied before meaning that they bully others as way of revenge of what happened to them Bullying Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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