Burger King Essay Assignment Homework Help

Burger King Essay Assignment Homework Help

Burger King is a global fast food restaurant with its headquarters in the USA. It initially started as a franchise restaurant chain. The company is publicly traded with various investment firms. In September 2010, the company was sold to 3G capital. As from 2009 it had more than 12,000 outlets in 73 countries . The company’s core competence is in its franchising. Initially its strategy involves diversification of franchising to increase its operational performance. Because of its competence in franchising the company has been able to open 12,000 outlets in more than 73 countries around the world Burger King Essay Assignment Homework Help .

This relates well with the strategy it had chosen to use in penetrating and retaining the market. It had discovered that with franchising it was easy to have a good market control and as a matter of fact it has used it well to compete with other market competitors Burger King Essay Assignment Homework Help.

In America, licensing is done on a per store basis. On the other hand, various international location licenses are usually given on a regional basis.

This means that the franchise will exclusively own all the development rights in that given country or location. Because of this, the company has been able to in initiate various franchises in different countries thereby making it easy to advance its business. Although other competitors have been vibrant, they have not been able to challenge it well Burger King Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Burger King globally expanded later than its main fast food competitor McDonalds. This has created various advantages and disadvantages. By expanding later, the company has been able to get demand for fast foods; built by early entrants. This has also enabled it to identify numerous opportunities that it has used to its advantage. Later expansion also allowed it to know its competitors weaknesses and therefore gave it an upper hand in dealing with customers Burger King Essay Assignment Homework Help.

There are various disadvantages that the company has faced as a result of late entry. In small markets it has not been able to get adequate suppliers (Jermaine, 2003, p. 12). On the other hand, this has made it to use a lot of money in advertising and marketing to get more customers unlike its competitor that was able to lock in customers Burger King Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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