Cannabis Essay Assignment Homework Help

Cannabis Essay Assignment Homework Help

The use of cannabis for medical purposes is one of the most controversial issues today. There are many healthcare providers and researchers who are ready to support herbal cannabis therapy because it can be used as an effective pain reliever with minimal side effects. However, some people believe that the number and quality of adverse effects and the inability to control patients in their intentions to use cannabis can become a real challenge for support of cannabis legalization and its recognition as an appropriate and allowed treatment method Cannabis Essay Assignment Homework Help.

There is also an attempt to discuss why cannabis cannot be accepted as a legalized medication, defining such reasons as a lack of knowledge, the experience of stigma, and the possibilities of errors in statistical analysis that is usually preferred in analyzing such themes as pros and cons of cannabis, or the use of marijuana and other illegal substances. Different methods can be used to discuss the chosen topic, and different outcomes may be observed because researchers can obtain new information and unique attitudes to cannabis and its medicinal worth.

Much attention is paid to the methods of gathering and analyzing the data about cannabis and its use in medicine and healthcare. Thompson (2009), Flom (2010), and Schmarzo (2013) underline the importance of statistics in the analysis and the implementation of the description as the main method to introduce a concept and develop its urgency. Seneca (2014) chooses quantitative findings from different published studies and their meta-analysis to evaluate pain intensity as an outcome of using cannabinoids. Statistical analysis is the method with the help of which all differences between baseline and the ratings of final pain intensity can be identified and explained Cannabis Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Whiting et al. (2015) focus on a systematic review of the literature taken from different databases to underline the depth of the problem and the necessity to formulate one properly evidenced solution. In the investigations of Bottorff et al. (2013), a semi-structured interview is used to gather the information. Such choice proves the effectiveness of qualitative methods in gathering information about the connection between cannabis and pain. Taking into consideration the fact that researchers find various effective methods to achieve their goals, the theme of cannabis as a pain reliever that has to be legalized can be discussed in different ways. Statistical analysis may be complex if people fail their attempts to discover and solve analytical errors.

As soon as the methods for gathering information and its analysis are identified and proved as effective, it is necessary to make sure that researchers develop appropriate questions or hypotheses and introduce clear and informative answers and solutions. The discussion of cannabis and its relation to pain relief contains some controversial aspects. On the one hand, a moderate reduction in pain intensity can be observed with minimum side effects and the possibility to help patientsCannabis Essay Assignment Homework Help .

On the other hand, many adverse effects cannot be neglected by people who are going to use cannabis for medical purposes, including psychosis, sleep disorder, dependence, depression, anxiety, dizziness, fatigue, and euphoria. At the same time, such factors as anxiety and depression are defined as the conditions that may be treated with the help of cannabis in case an appropriate dosage is defined, and the patient is under control of a caregiver. Still, there are situations when the use of cannabis promotes the development of new negative outcomes and the necessity to take urgent actions. Therefore, it is not enough to investigate the pros and cons of cannabis legalizations for medical purposes. It is necessary to understand the nature and statistical worth of each factor identified.

The role of cannabis in treating various psychological and mental disorders is important indeed. Treatment with the help of cannabis can be used for management neuropathic pain and muscle spasticity. Many patients admit certain positive effects of cannabis in their attempts to reduce the level of pain. The point is that people may be afraid of cannabis because they do not understand what kind of help can be offered. Their lack of knowledge and trust and the inability to gain an understanding of its medical benefits can cause numerous doubts and challenges Cannabis Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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