Capital Punishment Essay Assignment Homework Help

Capital Punishment Essay Assignment Homework Help

Capital punishment refers to inflicting death to offenders who are convicted of capital crimes. During the medieval times, criminals sentenced to capital punishment were put to death using gruesome methods such as decapitation, burning, stoning and quartering by horses. However, such methods stopped being used, as they were considered too heinous. Instead, methods such as hanging, lethal injection and electric chair are widely used today as they are considered mild and human. Humanitarians led to the review of many killing methods for offenders as they argued that the methods were inhuman bad torturous. Such debates about capital punishment invoked moral issue in killing. People are divided on the issue of capital punishment on the moral ground.

Those against it urge it is wrong to kill a human being even if they are being punished for committing capital crimes. Conversely, capital punishment proponents’ support the practice claiming it helps to deter would be killers from attacking innocent people. This paper will focus on moral issues surrounding capital punishment and argue that capital punishment is morally wrong Capital Punishment Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Capital punishment is used to deter people from committing the crime of murder. Its supporters say that killing murderers is sending a message to the society that killing is wrong. They argue that capital punishment deters potential murderers from committing crime and hence protect the lives of innocent members of society who would otherwise have fallen into the hands of these potential murderers. However, studies show that capital punishment does not lower homicide rates.

It therefore means that capital punishment does not serve its intended purpose and it is morally wrong to use it to deter crime while statistics show that it does not help in crime deterrence. Moreover, capital punishment does not make the society safer as those who commit murders still do with the full knowledge that their actions may result in capital punishment. Hence, the offenders should be punished with other forms of severe punishment that lie within our moral principles of respecting human life sanctified (Cesare Beccaria in his 1767 essay wrote that it is absurd that a state that condemns murder would then go ahead and commit murder by sentencing offenders to capital punishment Capital Punishment Essay Assignment Homework Help.

If murderers are to be condemned to death for killing, should the state also not be sentenced to death for killing people? Moreover, those who get capital punishment are condemned because they have a motive in killing Capital Punishment Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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