Capitalism Essay Assignment Homework Help

Capitalism Essay Assignment Homework Help

Capitalist ideals are currently being practiced around the globe particularly after the demise of socialism. The current political establishments are supporting the capitalist ideals through several ways ranging from economic policies to social and political programs undertaken by various agents of the state. However, the capitalist ideals have been questioned particularly on its emphasis on private ownership Capitalism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Capitalism is an economic system based on the principle that private citizens or corporations have the freedom to own, distribute and control the factors of production in a society as opposed to the state. In other words, capitalism is a concept that emphasizes the private ownership of the means of production (Streeck, 2011). The concept of capitalism has equal measures of support and criticism.

While proponents argue that capitalism is dynamic and encourage innovations in political, social and economic establishments, capitalism has been faltered in its ability to create instability, social exclusion, and unfairness within the societal systems. In other words, capitalism is accused of generating political instability, global financial crises, joblessness and the inability to include the disadvantaged in society Capitalism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

However, currently, capitalism is practiced in almost all political establishments especially after the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe. Essentially, capitalism has increased competition in the global market through globalization and free markets philosophy.

Currently, the types of questions various scholars are grappling with a range from the type of social and economic institutions that bring about improvements in the current capitalist advanced economies to the kinds of institutions that are not functioning well in the current systems.

In addition, current scholars are questioning the manner in which the current capitalist system benefits the society as well as the level of social and economic effects of the current capitalist system regarding social stability and inclusion.

Thelen and Hall (2009) argue that the current capitalism is different from the previous classical ideologies of competitive markets. While classical ideology views the market place as being perfectly competitive and prices determined by the supply and demand, the current capitalism is driven by innovations and technological advancements.

Moreover, various economic and social institutions, as well as private players within political units, drove the previous free market dynamics. However, currently, the capitalistic ideals are devoid of any institutions. In other words, current capitalism is based on individual players amorphously situated in diverse countries. Further, Thelen and Hall (2009) argue that the current global economic crises are attributed to this deficiency.

Besides, Hall and Gingerich (2009) faltered the current capitalistic ideals being practiced around the globe and argue that private ownership is not necessary but sufficient for dynamism.

In other words, the capitalist practice where capital can be used in all sectors without the state controls becomes necessary in any economic developments. However, such developments have to be supported by strong economic and social institutions to encourage dynamism and do away with various limitations that may accompany such development.

Streeck (2011) tended to study how current innovations affect capitalist ideologies. Streeck (2011) observed a positive linkage between innovations and capitalism though, in most parts of the globe, various institutions are lacking to support the dynamism Capitalism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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