Career Essay Assignment Homework Help

Career Essay Assignment Homework Help

Making a career choice is one of the most difficult decisions that people are faced with in their lives. Many considerations should be made before making a career choice. For instance, a person may want to choose a career that he or she has a passion for, but the career may not be rewarding moneywise. On the other hand, a person may want to choose a career that is rewarding in terms of finances, but this may force him or her to do something that he or she does not love to do Career Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The ideal career choice would be the case in which a person pursues something he or she really loves to do, and luckily the same turns out to be financially rewarding. “In most of these cases, the person actually has a natural flair for the career and thus, he or she does not encounter major difficulties while working” (Rides) Career Essay Assignment Homework Help.

For instance, a person with a natural flair for athletics would make a perfect career choice if he or she chose athletics as a career, and it turned out to be lucrative. Another example would be a person with a flair for computer programming.

If this person chose computer programming as a career and it turned out to be lucrative, he or she would have made an ideal career choice. “As such, career choice is a decision, which entails critical thinking of the diversified choices available to an individual” (Smith).

However, there is common knowledge that people will not normally get financial benefit from doing the things they really love doing. There are many reasons behind this. One of the main reasons is unemployment, among others such as poor career planning. To explain the latter, it would be unwise for an introvert to study a course in a college that would lead to a career that involved public speaking Career Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Therefore, an introvert who studied political science or communication might pursue unrelated careers even if he or she has a passion for political science or communication. Such kind of people, together with those who lack employment opportunities are therefore, forced to make more pragmatic career choices.

Most people make career choices that are not related to what they love doing, in other words, their passion. This has been fueled by the high rate of unemployment in the world, which has seen people pursuing careers that are unrelated to what they study in college. “For instance, it is common to see an engineer working as a human resource manager, a social scientist working as a journalist or even a teacher in an unrelated career” (Rides) Career Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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