Catholicism Essay Assignment Homework Help

Catholicism Essay Assignment Homework Help

The martyrs were Jesus Christ followers who suffered from the heathens and were killed by them. The martyrs did not disavow from Christ until their death in spite of the tortures, agony, and torments. They were followed by the words of Jesus Christ who said that those who were persecuted for him would be blessed and therefore happy and pleasing to God Catholicism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The church ranks them among the saints. In their lives, they tried to spread Christianity all over the world, preaching the Gospel and teaching people. The evidence of their deed made people come to believe in Christ. The death of martyrs was interpreted as the beginning of a better life and the entrance to the spiritual life.

The Nicene Creed is the symbol of Christianity meaning the consubstantial of the God-Father and God-Son. Jesus Christ is the son of God and he is “of the same substance” with him. He is the God embodied in a man. The Nicene Creed is a doctrine in Christianity which was finally agreed at the time of the First Council of Constantinople Catholicism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The Nicene Creed raised discussions within the Christian church. Namely, Christianity was divided on those who supported the unity of the divinity and humanity in Christ and those who claimed that these natures were independent in him, though they were represented equally.

Nestorians did not believe in the unity of divinity and humanity in Jesus Christ (“What is Nestorianism” par. 1).. According to them, humanity and divinity were represented equally in the nature of Jesus Christ but they were distinct and separate Catholicism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The Nestorians interpreted the coexistence of the God-Father and the man Jesus Christ rejecting the unity of the divinity and humanity in Christ. Such interpretation is not supported by Orthodox Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church supports the unity of divinity and humanity in Jesus Christ (“What is Nestorianism” par. 1). Nestorius claimed that Jesus Christ was comprised of “two natures and two persons”

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