Cellphone Essay Assignment Homework Help

Cellphone Essay Assignment Homework Help

The thesis of the book is to instill thorough understanding on how the cell phones developed as well as the technologies that have been used to expand the gadget. The author notes that the content of the book does not aim at offering detailed description of this communication. However, the main goal is to provide the reader with historical highlights on how cell phones have developed with the passage of time Cellphone Essay Assignment Homework Help.

In order to bring the reader into the same level of understanding, the author has tackled the introductory topics on the bandwidth and radio systems and how the latter two concepts influenced the development of cell phones.

This book is indeed defending a particular thesis from the introduction to the last chapter. For instance, Klemens (2010) begins the book by explaining the relevance of both the bandwidth and radio in the historical development of cell phones. The author is quite categorical that the concept of bandwidth has been appreciated by various categories of individuals ranging from those who are technological savvy to those who know little about its importance.

He adds that more bandwidth seems to be a requirement by everybody. The latter also explains why the cell phones were developed. Due to minimal bandwidth that could not satisfy the needs of all users, it reached a point when there was need to develop alternative communication platform that would be least hindered by bandwidth allocation. Needless to say, the connection between bandwidth and the history of cell phones is quite open since the former necessitated the emergence of cell phone technology.

The second way through which the book is defending the cell phone historical development thesis can be seen on how Klemens (2010) has highlighted the significance of radio signals. In 1922, the British Broadcasting Company was founded with the help of Marconi radio development signal. On the same note, the 1932 development of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was largely assisted by the Marconi radio signals.

The two examples are clear indications how the historical development of radio signals ushered in the emergence of the first analogue cell phones as pointed out in the book. Moreover, it is vital to mention that the technology behind the development of radio signals received a major boost during the first twenty years of the 20th century.

Radio became a household consumer product that facilitated effective communication from one region to another. However, the main disadvantage of this system of communication was its inability to convey information between the sender and receiver in real time. Since the latter was considered to be a major impediment especially in cases where both the sender and recipient needed to communicate in real time, it opened a technological vacuum for engineers to devise gadgets that would sort out the challenge Cellphone Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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