Charity Essay Assignment Homework Help

Charity Essay Assignment Homework Help

The purpose of this instructional guide is to provide the charity organization’s board with the real-life examples of effective usage of Internet with the aim of achieving the objectives set by the members. The most significant goal of the guide is to determine the websites, which are easy to use and access for those people, who do not have strong skills in using computers and need a lot of time to learn new applications. In other words, the chosen websites should demonstrate that they comply with the primary requirements of the charity organization’s members and are beneficial for selling more handmade crafts and other goods Charity Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The idea behind the instructional guide is to choose several websites often used for the retail purposes and conduct their analysis on the basis of studying the features, which are crucial for the target users. The proposed e-commerce retailers might include Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and others. Other websites such as social networks or video-sharing websites will not be proposed because, first, sometimes it takes a lot of time to obtain necessary skills to use them and, second, using them for the determined objectives is intricate Charity Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Of course, video-sharing websites like YouTube have proved to be effective for increasing sales because demonstrating the goods via video clips is more attractive if compared to photos and product description, but the skills and knowledge of the target sellers should be the foremost priority (Robertson, 2011). Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and others, which are actively used for marketing purposes, will also be ignored due to the complexity of working with them. Nevertheless, search engines such as Yahoo and Google are recommended.

While choosing the websites, it is recommended to keep in mind several features. First of all, it is better to use the popular website. Because the primary objective of the target people is to sell their goods and donate money to charity, they are not interested in promotion and marketing because it is expensive. That is why, the first feature for the website analysis is website popularity, i.e. how many people know about the website, how to use it, and what is the number of its everyday visitors.The second feature is the imbedded search tool. This detail might seem senseless, but, in fact, it is always easier to use the search tool than to browse the categories. In addition to it, having search boxes attracts more customers if compared to category listings Charity Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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