Child Development Essay Assignment Homework Help

Child Development Essay Assignment Homework Help

Child development can be seen as a continuous process which constitutes distinct phases. The child continuous interaction with the immediate and wide environment influences his or her development, for instance, the transactional model postulates that “the development of a child is….a product of the continuous dynamic interactions between the child and the experience provided by his or her family and social context” Child Development Essay Assignment Homework Help.

In addition, adequate research has portrayed how transactional processes influence the development of brain during the first year of life, observing that physical touching, social interaction and sensory stimulation encourage physical brain growth and also boost brain function.

This particular observation indicates how a particular process that may appear to be biological turns out to be transactional, at the same time while the process of development continues; quality of parenting, opportunities and stressors in the child’s and parents’ lives, social circumstances, social institutions, culture and historical events forms a wider circle of key elements that exert influence and determinants of who the individual child becomes.

First years in the life of a child matter and in long-run do impact heavily on the life of the child. This research will explore the concept of child development basing the arguments on the thesis that, experiences children engage in early life and the environments they are exposed to become vital in shaping their brains structures while affecting the development of the child and in the long-run these early experiences become key determinants as to whether the child grows up to be happy, healthy and productive member of the society Child Development Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Freud established that the period from birth to five years in the lifespan of a child is a very important stage in which early life experiences lay foundation for later development. Freud conclusion was that the future personality development is much dependent on these early experiences, adjustments and coping behaviors of the child which are also determined on the basis of early experiences during this period Child Development Essay Assignment Homework Help.

By the time the child reaches the age of five, a number of personality traits are established and some of these established traits expand up to the periods of adolescence and adulthood.

The period from two to five years of age has been seen as the period when the education and learning experience for the child starts while at the same time the development of the child remains at peak. During this moment, the child is geared for easy and rapid learning and attempts to accustom him/herself with the environment. The stage is sometimes known as curiosity age, early childhood years, preschool years and formative years Child Development Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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