Childbirth Essay Assignment Homework Help

Childbirth Essay Assignment Homework Help

Child labor is divided into three major stages. The process of labor takes place after some stage of pregnancy. The baby is usually in the uterus for nine months. When the labor begins it is the time that the baby is ready to be welcomed into the world. There are some physical changes that the body undergoes and this is the design that brings the baby into the world. Labor starts when one experiences backaches, abdominal pains, and cramping. Some contractions take place during labor. The contractions are relaxing and tightening of the muscles that are found in the uterus and it is to prepare for the process of childbirth Childbirth Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The first stage of labor is contractions and dilating. This is the start of labor that is true to the dilation of the cervix. This stage is further divided into three other phrases that are namely Latent, Transition, and Active. In latent labor one experiences contractions that are mild and are usually apart from five to thirty minutes. What is experienced during this phase is backache, excitement, and diarrhea that is mild. Most women usually walk around, given back massages, and shower at times. Active labor is the second phase of the first stage and there is more dilation that is rapid. The cervix begins to open up. This is the time that the baby is positioning itself to be born. The women experience stronger contractions and they are very long Childbirth Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The transition phrase is the last in the first stage of labor. Contractions are more intense and the cervix is fully dilated by this stage. The baby starts to apply pressure to the bottom area of the mother. The second stage of the labor process is child delivery. There is a lot of pressure on the mother’s bottom area and this gives her the urge to push the baby out of the womb. This is usually very difficult to do but what saves the mothers is the rest that comes between the contractions.

The rest is important as they save the mother by giving her the strength to push the baby out of the womb. There is a second wind that the women get to help them with the process of delivering. There are three phases of the second stage of delivery. One is the resting phase. This normally takes place after dilation of 10cm. The other phase that takes place is descent. These are the contractions that take place between three to five minutes apart for 60 seconds. They are very strong and it is in this phase that the head of the baby descends. The last phase is crowning and this is the stage that the baby opens up the vagina and there are no contractions that take place. It is experienced by stretching and burning Childbirth Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The last stage of delivering is the placenta. It normally occurs at the time between the time that the baby is delivered and the time the placenta is delivered. Some uterine contractions take place and this helps the placenta to be expelled. It takes place within the first twenty minutes from when the child is born. This is usually experienced by bleeding and exhaustion. This stage is managed by expectancy. This allows the expulsion to be done without having to resist medicine Childbirth Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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