Childhood Essay Assignment Homework Help

Childhood Essay Assignment Homework Help

It is crucial; therefore, that parents and caregivers should not turn a blind eye towards childhood sexuality, rather they need to ensure a supportive and thriving environment in which these innate sexual endowments would be nurtured for the child’s healthy sexual development. Irrespective of individual differences in children, some common sexual behaviors are exhibited in each of the distinct childhood stages of development Childhood Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The infantile sexual stage of a child is marked by tender curiosity and inquisitiveness about the uniqueness of their bodily physique, the wonder of noticing the sexual difference between males and females in the social world around the infant.

Generally, after birth, the infant explores its body parts through touch and fondle, best observed when baby is being nursed (McHenry, 2009). Such genital reactions as erections as it is case with a boy child and vaginal lubrication as evident for a girl child are the key features in this stage- it is arguable that the inception of these responses occurs even before birth.

At the early childhood stage, the baby’s curiosity is heightened; he/she is sensitized about sexual stimulation and thus establishes his/her gender identity (Rich, 2002).

This phase is marked by an increased awareness of gender differences as evident in varied spontaneous childhood games as playing mother-daddy, doctor-patient and teacher-pupil games. The child at this stage begins asking objective sexually oriented and self-searching queries as ‘Where did I come from?’ resulting to a greater appreciation of his/her sexual endowments Childhood Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The early child program supports the institution of the family and its significance in child development. The program endeavors to reinforce family values and makes the child aware of its position in their lives. (Decker et al., 2009) Moreover, the diversity of the structures and beliefs of different families is also taken care of by personalized attendance to the children.

The program also recognizes the significance of extra-curriculum activities in the child’s life. These include talents, artistry and methodical skills that are naturally acquired. The school curriculum embraces these and taps them at that early developmental stage. A suitable setting for children to mature is thus created. This will then facilitate specialization and maximization of such abilities.

The existence of a super natural being that controls everything is also emphasized. The program has deeply entrenched spiritual values that are passed on to the child. Despite the diversity in the religious views, the school emphasizes on the reality of God. The child is equipped with knowledge about God and his significance in life, a condition that goes a along way in helping the child develop spiritual values Childhood Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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