Church Essay Assignment Homework Help

Church Essay Assignment Homework Help

Catholic religion dominated the lives of the medieval people between the 5th and the 15th century. Whether one was a peasant or a King, he/she had to dedicate his/her life to the church. Catholic religion became the only acceptable Christian religion, as it had a universal meaning. So powerful was the institution that it had its own lands, taxes, and laws. Apart from tax collection, the Catholic Church received gifts from people who wanted favors from heaven Church Essay Assignment Homework Help.

With the power, the church became so wealthy that it could even influence decisions of European Kings (“Middle Ages Religion” par. 4). Attempts to oppose the Catholic Church would lead to excommunication. It was not easy to dislodge Christianity from the lives and minds of the medieval men and women, as it was a template of ideas and modes of behavior. Within hours of birth an individual had to be baptized since it was one of the important events in the lives of medieval people.

Christianity of the medieval age had rituals and symbolisms in its practice. The village priest was responsible for consistent and regular administration of vital sacraments. In addition, he had the role of absolving women and men of their sins upon confession. Notably, the church wielded a lot of power during the medieval period in Europe.

The rise of Charlemagne and Carolingian Empire helped in protecting the church from criticism, and went on to unite its people under the church (“Middle Ages Religion” par. 7). He further organized for training programs for the clergy in order to make them more intellectual, moral and effective in their service delivery.

Renaissance humanism consists of teachings of Roman and Greek that scholars compiled in Italy and later spread across Europe (“Renaissance Humanism” par. 1). Humanism developed to challenge the utilitarian approach and its scholastic education associated with it. It aimed at instilling creativity skills in men and women, as well as reading and writing skills.

The whole concept of renaissance humanism drifted away from the medieval Christianity given that it intended to encourage independence of the mind. In Italy, for instance, Francesco Petrarch (1304-1374) who stood for conservative humanism had to balance extreme piety and frank secularism given the evidence and accuracy of ideas from most scientific activities.

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