Civil War Essay Assignment Homework Help

Civil War Essay Assignment Homework Help

The historic United States Civil War, which commenced with the attack of Fort Sumter on 12 April 1861, and climaxed when the South admitted defeat in April 1865, is regarded as one of the deadliest internal conflicts in the history of the country. The battle left about six hundred thousand men dead and massive destruction of infrastructure took place. Eleven Southern states who were fighting for the abolition of slave trade wanted to withdraw from the greater United States of America Civil War Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Therefore, under the leadership of Jefferson Davies, the Southern states formed the Confederate States of America in order to engage in battle with the North (the Union). The bloody conflict literally divided the country into two sections. At the end of the war, the Union forces were declared the victors because of a number of strengths and advantages they had over their opponents.

From the time the battle started, the North had clear merits. To say it plainly, the Union had enormous quantities of almost everything that their opponents were lacking (Tulloch, 154). The Union had vast resources that the South lacked any means of even acquiring Civil War Essay Assignment Homework Help.

To begin with, the Union forces, under General William Tecumseh Sherman, had better leaders as well as an established government structure. As a result, they did not have to spend a lot of time in trying to establish a governing authority, as did the ill-prepared Southerners. In terms of manpower, the North was boasting of a significantly larger number of people. At that time, the U.S. had a population of about thirty-one million people and only about nine million of the people were residing in the breakaway states.

This made the Union to have huge strengths in terms of the number of troops, which they threw in the combat with the Confederacy. During the war, the Union had at least three times the number of soldiers their opponents had. They had the objective of eliminating the Southerners through the shear use of more numbers of troops in the battlefield.

The Northern states had enormous quantities of land that they used for cultivating food crops. This assisted them in feeding their soldiers as well as providing funds for their manufacturing industries that were also provisioning the soldiers. On the other hand, the Confederacy mainly concentrated on growing staple crops such as cotton, believing that the flourishing industry alone was able to sustain them all through the bloody battle Civil War Essay Assignment Homework Help.

As the war was ensuing, the lack of sufficient food made it hard to feed the soldiers as well as the population who were largely dependant on the staple crops. The South made the fatal mistake of not venturing into industrial production where good money to finance the war could have been made with the production of the staple foods Civil War Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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