Civilization Essay Assignment Homework Help

Civilization Essay Assignment Homework Help

Western civilization came as a result of a certain influence and it is therefore important to mention that it did not occur by accident. Historically, Western civilization began in Ancient Greek and Roman Empires in the 13th century Civilization Essay Assignment Homework Help. The influence of the Greek and Roman leaders of the time played a very significant role in ensuring that the way of life in Europe and America was in line with the changing times. Western civilization has got a lot of components ranging from technology, political systems, art, culture, tradition and heritage. Greece is a European country endowed with a rich history especially when it comes to Western civilization.

The country is the hub of civilization with its historic leaders playing a significant role in spreading the civilization message. Alexander the Great is a famous Greek leader who is widely recognized in history for the role he played in promoting Western civilization. This paper will highlight the role played by Alexander the Great in shaping and spreading Western civilization Civilization Essay Assignment Homework Help .

Alexander the Great was born in 356 BC to a Greek royal family and was destined for big things right from birth. His extraordinary nature led to him being compared to a Greek god known as Zeus. Alexander’s strong personality and intelligence made him become a very influential leader from the time he took to the throne at a tender age of twenty.

The Greek people had a lot of trust and confidence in Alexander because they were sure of his ability to deliver where his late father had failed. Alexander the Great was an advocate of cultural diversity and played a vital role in ensuring that the Western culture and civilization completely dominated the entire world.

The great accomplishments achieved by Alexander the great during his time would later affect future societies across the world. Alexander ensured that Greek artifacts and sciences spread across the world. The Roman Empire was the first to adopt ancient Greek architecture, philosophies, art and democracy Civilization Essay Assignment Homework Help.

This revolution happened as a result of Alexander the Great’s influence. The Greek culture would later become dominant in the rest of Europe and America due to Alexander’s influence. It was Alexander’s ability to influence ideologies that made Romans to refer to him as “Great”. The Romans embraced Alexander’s philosophies and the general Greek culture as a way of demonstrating their love and respect for him Civilization Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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