Classroom Essay Assignment Homework Help

Classroom Essay Assignment Homework Help

Classroom arrangement involves the arrangement of students’ seats, learning materials, and teachers’ equipment, among other things. In light of arranging the future classroom, seats will be arranged in three columns where each column will have sixteen students. Columns will be arranged in such a manner that each student has one desk mate so that the column has eight rows, as shown in figure 1. The teacher’s desk will coincide directly with the central column. The columns will be separated by small paths where the teacher and students can pass during the class session Classroom Essay Assignment Homework Help.

A white blackboard, which will be used for manual writing as well as projection, will be fixed on the front wall such that students can comfortably follow illustrations. A permanent projector will be positioned at the roof, ensuring that it projects information on the white blackboard.

This arrangement connects to my teaching philosophy since it is oriented to fulfilling the students’ academic needs. In my philosophy, I always advocate for systems that aim at providing satisfactory service to the students. In this light, I give students individual consideration rather than a collective one. The paths, which are found between the columns, enable teachers to move and interact with students to assess their progress at a personal level. This individual consideration helps them to obtain individualized records on the academic status of the students, which could be sent to their parents. It is, therefore, oriented to the academic status of the students implying that it is essentially connected to the aspects of student-centered philosophy Classroom Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Lastly, decorations are very important in a class of the environment. In this case, I could decorate the walls using attractive wall charts, which include scientific flow charts, mathematical formulas, and animal pictures for preschool pupils. A classic calendar and a wall clock will be hanging in front of the class so that students are updated on time and the class is decorated. Additionally, the walls will be decorated using colorful boards that have motivational messages for the learners Classroom Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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