Cleopatra Essay Assignment Homework Help

Cleopatra Essay Assignment Homework Help

Egyptian culture and background were recently acknowledged as a consequence of modern cultural identity that tried to replace the dominant Western views on World history with a greater focus on Africa’s contributions. However, when we think about people of the past, we intuitively try to imagine what they would have looked like in real life, to visualize their physical features and general appearance Cleopatra Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The Western culture regularly portrays ancient Egyptians and in various perspective and ways in which this happened shows how impressions change over time. Take Queen Cleopatra, for example, the last queen to rule the Egyptian descent. The repeated filming of the story of Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra shows how the image of this great woman has changed.

The 1963 Hollywood blockbuster featured the British-born Caucasian Elizabeth Taylor as the queen; in a 1999 movie a Latin-American actress of mixed Chilean-French parentage, Leonor Varela, played the part of Cleopatra. A calendar issued somewhat earlier by an American beverage company entitled “Great Kings and Queens of Africa” included a depiction of Cleopatra as a black African woman Cleopatra Essay Assignment Homework Help.

These changes in the queen’s representation did not result from scholarly reconsiderations of ancient data, but from changing perceptions in the popular mind about the context of ancient Egypt. From the above-stated points, it will be observed that the portrait of Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt throughout history is not an accurate one.

The last queen of Egypt, Cleopatra was the daughter of Ptolemy XI and married her younger brother when she was 17. Cleopatra was by origin an Egyptian; by lineage and ancestry, she was a Greek.

Although she was the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra did not possess a drop of Egyptian blood but was more Greek. With the help of Julius Caesar, she led a successful revolt against her brother, to have control of the kingdom, as a vassal state of Rome.

Cleopatra became Caesar’s mistress and bore him a son. Allied with Marc Anthony after Caesar’s assassination, the pair were defeated by Octavius (later Augustus) at the battle of Actium in 31 B.C. After their defeat, the lovers took their own lives, and the legend of Cleopatra as the archetypal temptress and romantic heroine has exerted a powerful influence in Western art ever since Cleopatra Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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