Cloning Essay Assignment Homework Help

Cloning Essay Assignment Homework Help

The contemporary world has been associated with an advanced technology which has greatly boosted efficiency and effectiveness across all sectors ranging from business, engineering to the medical field. The concept of cloning is among the most recent human discoveries that have greatly transformed societies. The invention has been associated with many benefits such as the ability to supplement natural organs with those generated those cloning Cloning Essay Assignment Homework Help.

For instance, cloning has enabled generation of organs which has created an alternative organs supply which those organs that are delivered from donors during the organ transplant instances. Organs generated through cloning have been noted to be very effective as they are not known to experience any rejections since they share the same gene with the body system. Animal cloning has experienced a considerable success in the past few years. The first successful animal cloning was realized in 1997 when the Dolly sheep was successfully cloned Cloning Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Since then, animal cloning has greatly improved as noted by the ability of scientists to regenerate pigs, rabbits, goats among other animals. Despite, the great success in animal cloning, human cloning has remained a great problem to many scientists. The recent success of a Korean scientist to generate stem cells from cloned human embryos is a great step for the success of human cloning. In spite of the presence of a very advanced technology in animal cloning, the process has been associated with many failures with a success rate of one or three in a hundred experiments. Human cloning on the other hand refers to the process of creation of genetically copy of a human. There are generally three diverse processes of cloning which include Embryonic cloning, adult DNA cloning and the therapeutic cloning. Embryo cloning is also regarded as artificial twinning. This process involves removing one or more cells from an embryo and enabling the cell to develop on separately having the same DNA as the original embryo Cloning Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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