Coca Cola Essay Assignment Homework Help

Coca Cola Essay Assignment Homework Help

As compared to other manufacturers of carbonated drinks, the Coca Cola Company is one of the most recognized companies globally. Prior to the present state, where the company manufactures many brands including Coca Cola, at its time of discovery the company never existed, but rather what existed was a coca wine, its discoverer John Pemberton had branded Pemberton French Wine Coca. Pemberton was an Atlanta, Georgia based pharmacist, who will remain in Coca Cola’s books of history, because he invented the original Coca Cola original formulation Coca Cola Essay Assignment Homework Help.

To be where it is, the company has undergone a series of transformations and struggles, in terms of both products and management, it being a company that believes in product innovation and quality. Presently, the Coca Cola Company commands the biggest market share of the beverage industry, it being one of the most consumed drinks globally, with no cultural boundaries (Coca Cola Company 1). The history of coca cola backdates to 1886, when John Pemberton formulated the first form of the syrup that gave birth to the present world leading non-alcoholic beverage producer Coca Cola Essay Assignment Homework Help.

After proving that the syrup was safe for human consumption in Jacob’s pharmacy, Pemberton through support from his bookkeeper Frank Robinson started to market the new drink. Although the main source of its name was from its two main ingredients kola and cola leaves, the first formulation had other constituents namely: cane sugar syrup, sugar syrup, and caffeine. Pemberton’ happiness was short-lived with the introduction of the prohibition law in 1886; hence, forcing Pemberton to change the composition of his formulation, by removing all traces of alcohol. Coca cola gained popularity among the American citizenry, as most individuals believed that it was a remedy to many health complications, for example, severe headaches, impotence, dyspepsia, and morphine addiction. In an endeavor to increase its popularity among the American citizenry, Pemberton called the new modified non-alcoholic drink Delicious and refreshing, followed by the first sponsored media advertisement in the Atlanta Journal in May 29th, 1886 Coca Cola Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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