Coffee Essay Assignment Homework Help

 Coffee Essay Assignment Homework Help

A large percentage of coffee that is grown in the world is in developing countries while majority of the consumers of this coffee reside in developed countries. Most coffee importers import the coffee in form of unroasted caffeinated coffee, unroasted decaffeinated coffee, roasted caffeinated coffee and roasted decaffeinated coffee  Coffee Essay Assignment Homework Help. Almost all the coffee that is consumed in the United States has its origins in Brazil. Other coffee importers into the United States include; Vietnam, Latin America, East Africa and Asian countries. As an importer, the United States forms one of the largest importers of coffee in the world.

Canada follows closely then Europe and some Middle East countries. Coffees from different regions of the world have different aromas, flavors, acidity and body. The coffee that meets the best and highest standards that have been set by international bureau of standards get the highest prices. In the year 2009 alone, Brazil exported coffee worth $756 to the US and $72.7 to Canada. Other major exporters of coffee to the United States include Latin America and Colombia. Statistics show that Canada and Europe were among the countries that imported the highest amount of coffee in the year 2009. While the United States imported over 1200 tons of coffee, Canada imported approximately 300 tons. This is a very large amount given that the population of Canada is lower in comparison to that of the United States  Coffee Essay Assignment Homework Help.

It is very important for the importing countries and the companies in charge of the importation to ensure that they perform appropriate product mix functions and strategize according to the available market so that they get the best possible quality, quantity and pay the best prices that are reasonable to the importers and still considerate and fair to the producers so that they also continue producing the coffee. The price, product, place and promotion of coffee are conducted in various ways by the different coffee importers  Coffee Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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