Cognitive Dissonance Essay Assignment Homework Help

Cognitive Dissonance Essay Assignment Homework Help

Cognitive dissonance is a philosophical theory that was developed by Leon Festinger at the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century. Cognitive dissonance is based on mental discordance of something happening contrary to the way it is supposed to happen. Leon Festinger established through observation that though inconsistencies were common occurrences in life, they made people to have some sense of discomfort that drove them to correct the inconsistencies Cognitive Dissonance Essay Assignment Homework Help .

The strength of the drive for corrective measures was also established to be proportional to the extent of inconsistency that was experienced by an individual. Thus, it can be argued that cognitive dissonance establishes the fact that people are not well receptive to inconsistencies, especially when such are aligned to the negative side. Leon Festinger who was active in the field of philosophy established and published the cognitive dissonance theory in the year 1957. His theory seemed to be simple and almost non substantial from the outset and was almost disregarded from its presentation. In the theory, Leon just expressed the fact that “people preferred consistency to inconsistency” Cognitive Dissonance Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The term cognition means knowledge that brings the notion of the theory to a mental capacity. This is particularly experienced when an individual is faced with conflicting interests. The state of dissonance can also be caused by an experience that is contrary to a person’s expectations, beliefs or even thoughts . The concept of cognitive dissonance gained much of its development following the establishment of Leon’s theory of cognitive dissonance. The theory that did not seem to be so distinct at the onset attracted reactions which initiated studies on the concept of cognitive dissonance Cognitive Dissonance Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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