Colonialism Essay Assignment Homework Help

 Colonialism Essay Assignment Homework Help

 Colonialism can be defined as the widening of the country’s rules to areas that are beyond or outside its borders (Kozlowski, 2010, p 1). The area that is outside the colonizing country’s borders is known as a colony; primarily, the colonizing country may directly govern the country or govern it indirectly through other people who are accountable to it. Third world countries are the countries, which are comparatively economically and politically underdeveloped to the developed nations. Primarily, these countries include all the countries of Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and some Asian countries Colonialism Essay Assignment Homework Help .

Most scholars have argued that racism was initially brought by religion; for example, Christians generally rejoiced when people of other religions accepted to be converted to Christianity. However, Jews, who practice Judaism, were reluctant to be converted to Christianity and believed in the old testament of the bible. Therefore, due to their belief, the Jews prevented the spreading of the gospel. Moreover the Jews were the people who made Jesus to be crucified, thus other Christians had prejudice towards them. This prejudice later turned to racism when other Christians turned to the belief that the Jews were generally evil despite their beliefs and practices (Fredrickson, 2002, p 19). This laid the foundation for the emergence of racism in society, as with time, the attitude of the other Europeans towards Jews became more and more hostile, culminating in the massacre of Jews in 1096. Moreover, Jews had a different physical appearance from other Europeans hence they could easily be identified (Fredrickson, 2002, p 19). This form of racism gradually leads to modern day racism, which perceives whites to be superior to other races (Fredrickson, 2002, p 46). Racism made one group feel superior to the other groups and hence this made them to feel as if they are supposed to be the masters of the other groups. This notion led to the development of colonialism where one group is ruled over by the other group Colonialism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The earliest documented form of colonialism involved the Greeks and the Romans. They colonized most of the islands in the Mediterranean Sea and eventually the whole area, which surrounds the Mediterranean Sea. Primarily, they used a mechanism where they provided housing for the people who they had colonized and allowed them to set families in the areas. Most developed countries are opting to stop the aid they give to various developing countries. This is due to the fact that countries which were once colonies of various nations from the west are now economically stable. Many of the countries which depended on foreign aid for their development are now able to individually fund their projects. Consequently, many developed nations have opted to reduce or even permanently eliminate the foreign aid. Britain is one of the countries that have announced its intention to stop its foreign aid to India by 2015. However, contrary to the expectations of many that India would get disturbed over that move, the reverse has been actually the case Colonialism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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