Colonization Essay Assignment Homework Help

Colonization Essay Assignment Homework Help

Colonization refers to the domination of a weaker nation by a superior state . From 15th-19th century, a number of European nations such as Portugal, France, Britain, and Spain were motivated to acquire colonies in different parts of the world. Social, economic, and political factors facilitated the acquisition of colonies in Africa. For instance, during the 19th century, Europe underwent a tremendous change socially, politically, and economically due to the industrial revolution, which began in Britain and later spread to other European countries. Britain as the pioneer of industrial revolution required more raw materials for her industries, markets for the manufactured goods, as well as, new avenues to invest surplus capital. Therefore, Britain was motivated to acquire colonies in Africa in order to satisfy her needs and wants Colonization Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Other European countries also followed suit in the race for African colonies. Colonization of Africa by the European nations led to the introduction of foreign policies and institutions that had a great impact on postcolonial Africa. Therefore, this paper examines the state of pre-colonial African societies, factors that led to European colonization of Africa, British colonial rule in Africa, and the impact of British colonialism on the postcolonial African states.

Before European colonialism in Africa, the African societies had distinct socio-economic and political structures, which determined their operations. Politically, African societies had decentralized and centralized governments. In the centralized governments, a king or a chief ruled the society with the help of clan elders. The clan elders had a major responsibility of updating the king about various affairs of the kingdom; they also helped the king to make policies, as well as, settling petty cases within the community Colonization Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Some of the major African kingdoms that had a centralized system of government include the Mali and Songhai kingdoms in West Africa, as well as, the Buganda kingdom in East Africa. These kingdoms had well-organized governments that governed vast regions. For instance, the Buganda kingdom had a parliament, a chief justice, and a prime minister who assisted the king to rule the kingdom. Similarly, in the West African kingdoms several chiefs ruled the vassal states on behalf of the king.

The centralized governments also had well-organized military systems, which protected the community against external attacks. The soldiers were well trained and equipped with weapons, which they used for defense during wars. Therefore, before colonialism centralized African states had regimented governments, which controlled their affairs.

On the other hand, the African communities that had a decentralized system of government did not have a central authority. In such societies, clan elders managed the affairs of their clans. However, whenever there was an issue that affected an entire community, the clan elders would come together and deliberate on the issue. For example, incidents of calamities such as floods and famine would require the deliberation of the clan elders in order to find a solution Colonization Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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