Communism Essay Assignment Homework Help

Communism Essay Assignment Homework Help

During the modern history, there existed two main economic systems, namely: communism and capitalism. Their ideologies are intrinsically divergent and often unreceptive to each other. All over the hostilities defame and institutional propaganda has become extensive known creating worry and hatred between communist and capitalist. Capitalism is defined as the economic system based on free trade where private sectors are allowed to do businesses with another individual or group of private citizens. In this system, the means of product and service production is mainly carried out and owned by the individuals instead of the government while communism also known as fascism is contrary to this where production and distribution of products is carried out by the state as non-profit organization Communism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The book “The Time Machine” is mainly a social appraisal of H.G. Wells who was a Victorian England predicted into a far future. The largest part of his life he remained a socialist with communist background and he argued in most of his books that capitalism was a major challenge to the post-modern future. Fast development in technology, social life, education and other capitals had commenced the industrial Revolution in during 17th and 18th century. Additionally, he argued that by the late 19th century of “The Time Traveler” the UK was most powerful with the economy whereas industrialists were enjoying their absolute wealth Communism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The capitalists during this era overworked men, women and even young children who were forced to work overtime with penny wages in dirty, smoke-filled industries. After observing all this as it took place, Wells decided to incorporate various scientific, natural and social ideologies in his arguments against capitalism and he majored on the citizens who were selective, discriminatory for their personal gain as they continued to exploit the poor and vulnerable members of the society Communism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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