Conflict Essay Assignment Homework Help

Conflict Essay Assignment Homework Help

Conflict emanates from different perceptions in belief systems that might result from cumulative experiences in life, and variance in values and interests. The nature of conflict can also be linked to varying perspectives on the situation. Parties are constantly in conflict due the lack of common ground and overlapping interests. Conflicts can be both intrapersonal and interpersonal. Intrapersonal conflict happens within various parties in the event of lack of congruence on certain issue. This research concerns the art of conflict resolution. It dwells on all aspects of conflict resolution from the strategies, skills and the steps involved in conflict resolution. It also explains the various benefits and challenges of conflict resolution. The paper ends with the conclusion on the overview of what conflict resolution is and what it is not and whether it is important in our daily interaction Conflict Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Since conflict resolution is an art, there are several skills that are required in resolving it. These skills are:

Getting in touch with feelings: for a conflict to be resolved parties should be willing to have attachment with their feelings; they should understand how they feel and why they feel that way so that they can be in position to communicate it to the other parties involved in the conflict.

Sharpening the listening skills: all parties should learn to listen just like they would wish to be listened to.

Practicing assertive communication: effective communication is the key to the resolution of conflict. One should clearly express his/her mind assertively.

Seeking solutions: parties to a conflict should be willing to understand each other. Conflict resolution is a give and take and no party should come with a rigid mind.

Good analysis: personal safety is important in the resolution of conflict; this implies that parties to a conflict should know when their mode of resolution is not productive Conflict Essay Assignment Homework Help.

There are eight major steps that can be followed in the resolution of conflict that might occur at a workplace and other circumstances where there is an interest in finding negotiated solutions. These steps do not necessarily guarantee the possibility of an agreement but they improve the chances of understanding one another and solving the conflict. These steps are:

Know yourself and take care of self: every individual should understand his biases, weaknesses and strengths.

The need for clarity: clarify the personal needs that are threatened by the conflict; it is imperative for an individual to understand his substantive, procedural and his psychological wants. It is also good to identify all the intended outcomes of the negotiations Conflict Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Identify safe place for negotiation: the place that should be identified for the purpose of conflict resolution should be spacious, private and neutral for all parties. It should also be carried out at a relevant time and the efforts of the support like the facilitators and mediators should be enlisted. Ground rules should also be agreed upon.

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