Confucianism Essay Assignment Homework Help

Confucianism Essay Assignment Homework Help

Scholars refer to Confucianism as a system of thought based on the teachings of Confucius, who lived from 551 to 479 B.C.E. Confucius had a significant influence on the life and thought of China more than any other person in Chinese history. He had titles like Sage of All Time and First Teacher. Religion has shaped human civilization almost from the start of civilization for more than 10,000 years ago. Today more than half of the world’s population practice either principal or indigenous religions. Religion still shapes people’s lives significantly in politics and culture Confucianism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

There is ever increasing ethnic and cultural differences, which have led to several religions practiced alongside each other. However, this essay shall focus on how Confucian thought challenge world view through his teaching of moral code reflecting on ethics, humanity, and love. There are about six million people who today call themselves Confucians. They mostly live in Asia, particularly in China. In Europe, North and South America and in other continents there are a small numbers of people who identify themselves as Confucians. For over 2,000 years, China’s poetry and history, government and social life, and the ethics of the society dominate philosophical system of Confucianism Confucianism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Confucius emphasized on the ideal of order and harmony. Confucius emphasized that people should live in harmony. He suggested a system of interpersonal relationships and proper governance. In the system, age favored over where only friends were equal. He regarded government as the noble duty of all because ethical governance would bring joy to the people. This explains why people are loyal to their country and the government of the day, while living in order and harmony with each other. He also believed that through education anyone could reach the highest standard of a gentleman. Confucius viewed the family as a basic unit of society. The family reflected the social, economic, and political units of the society. Family served as the natural environment for moral training. It also acted as the bridge between the individual and society Confucianism Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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