Confucius Essay Assignment Homework Help

Confucius Essay Assignment Homework Help

The following is a research paper on Philosopher Confucius. The paper is divided into several sections. These sections includes the reason why I selected Philosopher Confucius, Confucius history and contributions to philosophy, key philosophies/Main concepts of Confucianism, how these concepts apply to our society both professionally and personally and a conclusion there from. Confucius advocated for morality in the society as a means for peaceful coexistence among people. Confucianism connected personal behavior elements with the principles that governed institutions. Confucius argued that leaders should lead by example. He explained that there is a close connection between one’s moral virtue and proper governing Confucius Essay Assignment Homework Help.

According to him, moral virtue is the only means of ensuring that there is order in the society. Confucius believed that governing is entirely dependent on personal rectification. Once a leader has rectified him or her, then he or she is capable of rectifying others. Confucius gives the example of founding fathers of Chou dynasty as models that are able to govern well due to the fact that they have already rectified themselves.  The other reason as to why I selected Confucius Philosopher is because Confucius supported strong family loyalty. Confucius regarded family as the foundation for an effective government. Confucius was thus in support of strong family ties, respect for the elderly and above all, he favored ancestor worship. According to Confucius, wives are supposed to respect their husbands and the husbands are bound to treat their companions well Confucius Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The young should never disrespect the old i.e. older people should be respected by their younger counterparts. Confucius argued that family loyalty was ideal as far as government is concerned. He maintained that, powerful emperor was ideal but he desired that emperor’s power should be limited. He encouraged people to be honest and also to have faith that it was possible to have change. Confucius was great Chinese Philosopher, thinker and scholar. Historians generally agree that Confucius was born in Zou village in 551 BCE and was named Kong Qiu. His father was called Kong Shu Lianghe and was a prominent military figure for his loyalty and courage. However, not much is known about Confucius mother except she was known as Yan Confucius Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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