Consciousness Essay Assignment Homework Help

 Consciousness Essay Assignment Homework Help

The issue of consciousness is ranked among the top areas of study in subjects relating to psychology, philosophy and to some extent neuroscience due to its multidisciplinary applicability. In equal measure, it elicits controversy among scholars across the science divisions. Hosts of dynamics have been advanced to explain this buzz with consciousness. The use of methods of human neuropsychology, functional imaging, and to some extent psychology shows characteristics of knowledge of consciousness  Consciousness Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Consciousness is commonly known as awareness of the immediate environment. It is being aware of different sensations, memories and thoughts at a particular time such as making a school timetable, feeling pain or getting angry because of a bad day at the office. It may be argued that consciousness is also a state of mind but this does not include the unconscious mind. In fact consciousness entails the brain being aware of the presence of awareness. In entirely all neurological studies, awareness referred to as consciousness is deemed to be same as the waking state. This is considered together with capacity to recognize, associate and interact with the surrounding in the state of being awake. This state of consciousness varies from waking up from sleep to going into a coma. To achieve this form of consciousness, one has to be awake, attentive and observant. It refers to the time when a person is awake  Consciousness Essay Assignment Homework Help.

It has been argued that what is in the mind is the exact reflection of what is going on in the brain. This attests to the fact that any state of mentality is considered to be conscious, any form of belief, faith, intention and many others. It is common knowledge that the body becomes useless without the mind. This is further reinforced by psychologists who agree that mental activity is dependent on the brain. Step three refers to sleep that has more regular brainwaves and is more than step two. Step four refers to that stage where sleep is most intense and deepest, and it is unresponsive to any outside stimuli. Stage one is where rapid eye movement is experienced coupled with increased heart beats and rate of breathing. In some cases, erection occurs in men  Consciousness Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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