Court Essay Assignment Homework Help

Court Essay Assignment Homework Help

The first Constitutional issue arising in this case was whether the North Carolina Supreme court had general jurisdiction in the matter. This is a contentious issue as goodyear was a company registered in Ohio and did not carry out any of their operation in North Carolina or in the United States of America. In fact there products were only found in the United States due to the actions or inactions of their affiliates. The issues on jurisdiction that arose in this case were issues of ‘lex fori’. This is whether the North Carolina Court was the most appropriate court to hear the petition as France had the most substantial connection with the case. The mother company was registered in France and companies in the United States were only its subsidiaries. The accident also happened in France outside the United States of America Court Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The North Carolina court in dismissing the motion for petitioners and upholding the jurisdiction of the trial courts held that north Carolina would be the most suitable place for the trial of the case as there was organized marketing of the company’s product in the United States Market as the tires that caused the injuries were made according to quality standards of the United States standard and bore markings which were similar to other tires in the united state and accordingly distribution was through a stream of commerce Court Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The Courts also stated that the victims of the accident were children of North Carolina and the Parents were residents of North Carolina so the courts of North Carolina would be in their best interest. This was because they were going to be cost effective and the residents were accustomed to the procedures of their home courts and had faith that the matter would be handled without prejudice. There are also contrary opinions to the decision of the jury in the Goodyear’s case and this is illustrated in World-Wide Volkswagen Corp. v. Woodson. In this case, it is argued that although a country does have some connection to the facts of the case and particulars of the case in a minimal way, it does not give that country the right to have general jurisdiction of the case provided that the personal jurisdiction of the case would ensure fair play and dissemination of substantial justice Court Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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