Cryptography Essay Assignment Homework Help

Cryptography Essay Assignment Homework Help

Cryptography signifies that which is concealed or hidden. It is writing or a description in a brief manner that secretly conveys a particular intelligence or words that we may wish to communicate. Cryptography may be used as a form of clandestine communication. The art of cryptography is a legitimate form of communication that is acknowledged in the world.This is because there can be some times of danger and stress between individuals or nations that will make the use of cryptography inevitable especially when there is need to carry out a successful operation, by ensuring that the enemy does not get to understand the deliberations or communications between various agents of government Cryptography Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Cryptography is the study of mathematical techniques for different dimensions of security. The other words that are closely related to cryptography are cryptanalysis and cryptology. Cryptanalysis is the science that is applied in defeating the mathematical techniques while cryptology is the study of both cryptography and cryptanalysis. The terminologies that are applied in cryptography include: Encryption: this is the action of concealing or disguising a message with an intention of hiding the information content. This may be achieved through encoding or enciphering. Protocol: this is an algorithm which can be defined by series of steps and can specify the series to various parties Cryptography Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Cryptography, for example, is a technology that can utilize several firms of algorithms and protocols in computer networks. Computers have raised few and new privacy problems mainly resulting from communication and storage of information . The main ethical issue is the dilemma between the privacy of a group and individuals and their safety and security, for example, on what side the government would want to maintain the privacy of its citizens but at the same time it would wish to have knowledge of the information that is transmitted for security purposes. There are therefore several devices and techniques that have been developed to enhance interception. At this age of computer, private or personal information which has been transmitted through the computer can be stored through a data base, this database can be searched and accessed by any person and it can be used for purposes of advertisement without the knowledge of the communicating parties Cryptography Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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