Cultural Identity Essay Assignment Homework Help

Cultural Identity Essay Assignment Homework Help

People’s awareness of their belonging to a community, which allows them to understand their place in sociocultural space and to navigate in the world around freely is connected with the concept of cultural identity. In its essence, cultural identity is a sense of belonging to a particular culture. Each person needs a certain regulation of his or her life that can be found only in the community of other people, which determines the existence of cultural identity. The essence of cultural identity derives from the fact that a person consciously accepts relevant cultural norms and patterns of behavior, value orientations, and language. Cultural identity contributes to the understanding of one’s self from the standpoint of traditional characteristics accepted in a given society as well as to self-identification with its cultural patterns. Thus, without comprehending the essence of cultural identity and studying its problem, it is difficult to understand the modern world with its multiculturalism and multinational composition Cultural Identity Essay Assignment Homework Help.

In the modern world, the relevance of the problem of maintaining cultural identity has increased. The intensification of the processes of globalization, cultural integration, and expansion of contacts between representatives of different countries led to the gradual blurring of boundaries between national cultures and the loss of cultural identity. The standardization of cultural patterns, brought about by the rapid spread of mass culture, has led people to wear the same jeans, listen to the same music, watch the same movies, and follow the same fashion trends. Globalization damages national cultures, traditions, customs, myths, and other notions that are tightly connected with the cultural awareness of any region Cultural Identity Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Today’s processes of globalization and transformation violate traditional forms of cultural recognition and dissolute feelings of self-identity formed in the framework of previous traditions. This is especially acute in relation to the problem of cultural awareness of representatives of small groups as well as ethnic, religious, and cultural minorities. Their former sense of their own “I,” which was provided by the previous forms of identity, fell into decay (Freire 19). Thus, there is a gap in continuity, when the destruction of one type of identity must be compensated by the identity of another type. The lack of a mechanism for the continuity of identity for modern people began to be accompanied by a feeling of internal discomfort and anxiety, realized in the forms of isolation and strengthening of isolationist tendencies. Isolationism, in turn, prompts tendencies toward the reverse localization of culture and traditions, lifestyles, thoughts, and norms of human behavior Cultural Identity Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Cultural Identity Essay Assignment Homework Help

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