Cyber Bullying Essay Assignment Homework Help

Cyber Bullying Essay Assignment Homework Help

Cyber bullying refers to threatening, lying or harassing a person through various electronic communication devices such as cell phones or computers. Cyber bullies harass their victims through emails, instant messages, text messages, blogs, and posting embarrassing information about a person to a website. The behaviours that should be described as cyber bullying include sending harassing messages, impersonating other people in order to gain the victim’s trust, posting other people’s personal information, and posting doctored pictures which belong to a certain person. Therefore, the goal of this paper is to analyse who the victims of cyber bullying are and the influence it has on them Cyber Bullying Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Cyber bullies target all kinds of people who have access to the internet. They can target senior government officials, organizational managers, teachers, parents, children and teens. However, cyber bullying has a direct impact on children and teens. It also impacts on their their parents, teachers and friends based on the actions that the victims take after encountering cyber bullies. Cyber bullying is a serious offense because it makes the victims practice low self-esteem. The victims’ parents get stressed thereby making them encounter losses if the victims hurt themselves as a result of being bullied on the internet Cyber Bullying Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Cyber bullying is known to impact young people in a significant manner. Studies reveal that more than one third of young people who get subjected to cyber bullying do not talk about the incidence. As a result, there are fears that the issue of cyber bullying will continue to rise as technology advances. In a research that was commissioned by Diana Award Children’s Organization, it is evident that 38 percent of young people have been victims of cyber bullying or they know someone who got involved in such a situation (Kowalski, Limber, & Patricia, 2012). Therefore, the research demonstrates that more effort needs to be made in order to help protect young people from cyber bullying because it causes low self-esteem and less confidence in the activities that they undertake in their daily lives.

Children and teens are easy targets for cyber bullies since they do not have sufficient knowledge to help them in determining whether the people that they interact with over the internet are genuine. The advancement in cell phone and computer technology has made it possible for cyber bullies to gain a 24-hour access to the internet. This has made it easy for them to conduct their online activities in a more efficient manner. As a result, they are now able to convince their targets in a more effective manner thereby making them to fall prey to their online activities easily Cyber Bullying Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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