Cybercrime Essay Assignment Homework Help

 Cybercrime Essay Assignment Homework Help

Cybercrime, cyber terrorism, and cyber espionage are internet-based crimes that pose a serious threat to the national security of the United States of America. Each of them affects the country differently because of the difference in their focus. A section of the society believes that cybercrime poses a more serious national security threat than cyber terrorism and cyber espionage. In order to compare these three forms of internet-based crimes, it is important to look at the definition of each one. King (2012, p. 78) defines cybercrime as “crime conducted via the Internet or some other computer network.” As shown in this definition, cybercrime is a very broad term that may include numerous criminal activities conducted using internet-enabled computers  Cybercrime Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Comparing the three forms of crime, it is clear that each of them affects the country differently and with different magnitudes. Cybercrime often targets individual citizens or specific organizations. In most cases, they end up benefiting the criminal financially or from a social perspective. On the other hand, cyber terrorism and cyber espionage target the state. Although sometimes citizens may be the casualties, these two forms of crime are specifically designed to target the political and social system of the country. The perpetrators of such crimes may or may not benefit from such acts. For instance, if one is hired by a hostile state to help in the espionage acts, it is possible that such an individual may get financial benefits from the sponsoring state. However, those involved in cyber-terrorism may not have any financial benefits attached to their actions. In order to determine whether cybercrime is a more serious national security threat than cyber terrorism and cyber espionage, it is important to look at the primary goal of these criminal activities and the magnitude of the impact they have on national security  Cybercrime Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The researcher strongly believes that cyber terrorism and cyber espionage are more serious national security threats than cybercrime. These two forms of crime specifically target the foundation of the nation, the country’s sovereignty. They make the country vulnerable to an external threat. As stated above, cyber terrorists do not stand to gain from most of their activities. They play zero-sum games, and that makes them very dangerous. Their only goal is to ensure that there is instability in the country and suffering among innocent citizens. On the other hand, cyber espionage makes the country very vulnerable to external attacks, especially by hostile states. It provides these enemies wit critical information that puts them ahead of this country in case there is a war  Cybercrime Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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