Death Penalty Essay Assignment Homework Help

Death Penalty Essay Assignment Homework Help

Crimes that fall under the capital crimes are murder, rape and drug dealing. Sentencing a criminal who is said to have committed a capital crime to death has not shown any deterrent factor in ensuring that would-be-criminals are discouraged from committing crime. Despite criminals being sentenced to death, capital crimes such as murder and rape have been on the rise as indicated by the statistics. This therefore shows that the intended reason for the death penalty which is majorly to deter such crimes from elevating has failed which begs the question of why it is still continually practiced Death Penalty Essay Assignment Homework Help.

The mode which death penalty is administered has been shown to be inclined towards certain race and the poor. Statistics conducted on the number of the death row inmates have shown that a majority of those awaiting prosecution draw their origin from a certain race, the minorities as well as those who hail from poor backgrounds. This shows that the method of profiling used in the judicial process is bias and therefore it is fit to say that justice is not administered fairly and hence the call for abolishment of capital punishment.

An economic consideration should be given to the costs of death penalty. The process of trial and convicting a criminal and finally executing them have been found to be much higher than the alternative to capital punishment which is life imprisonment. The process of convicting a criminal is a long one and which call for several sources of gathering facts. In the society we live in today there are high chances that the process of gathering the facts will be prone to manipulations owing to influence and interests of the involved individuals. The result is that there arise cases which an innocent person is wrongly subjected to death penalty. This is wrong since a person’s life is taken unjustly. Religion has always been a major facto in shaping our morals and the way we make the laws Death Penalty Essay Assignment Homework Help.

Morality as well as the law teaches us that nobody has the right to take another person’s life. Executing a person therefore goes against the moral plea which shows how much we are contradicting that which guides us. Sentencing a person to death penalty in a bid to accord them a punishment that is equal to the crime they committed is not serving justice but rather a form of revenge. Revenging does not completely justify the death penalty since circumstances arises that influence innocent individuals to act in a certain manner or accidentally and offering death as a means to gain fairness shouldn’t be the solution. The person should be allowed a chance to reform and the situations that led to such circumstances mitigated. A combination of these reasons should serve fairly to convince the government to abolish death sentence Death Penalty Essay Assignment Homework Help.

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